Amber Rose

MTV Movie Awards

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The 2012 MTV Movie Awards were held last night at the Gibson Amphitheater in LA. Hosted by the controversial Russell Brand, the night was full of fun and laughter while the red carpet was full of all the talent, some who went on to win awards.

This year saw one new addition to the awards show, the first ever live social voting category for Best Hero, which was won by “Harry Potter”.

Harry Potter also picked up “Best Cast” award which the lovely Emma Watson made an acceptance speech for. She was so cute! You can watch all the speeches here.

MTV Generation Winner went to Johnny Depp which was well deserved in our eyes and Movie Of The Year went to The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1.

Kandyland At The Playboy Mansion

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Hugh Hefner hosted the 6th Annual Kandyland Event at the Playboy Mansion last night and despite his recent cancelled wedding, he seemed quite happy on the arm of blonde beauty Anna Sophia Berglund.

Paris got into the spirit of the carnival like spirit with a pink tutu and matching mask, while the Shannon twins showed off their killer bods in matching red fishnet outfits.

Kanye West and Amber Rose catch Avatar at the Grove

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Kanye West has been keeping a pretty low profile lately, but last night our cameras spotted him at The Grove strolling hand in hand with his girlfriend, Amber Rose after catching the new Avatar movie.

Kanye’s outfit looks pretty low key, until you check out his right hand. His gold pinky ring is HUGE! That’s the biggest gold nugget I’ve ever seen (outside of a museum, at least).

Bling, bling. Money ain’t a thing!

A Quick Note To Kanye West and Amber Rose

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Kanye West and Amber Rose are spending some time at the Fountainebleau Miami Beach in Florida, and Amber was wearing next to nothing on the beach. When I say “next to nothing”, what I mean is that she was wearing some well-placed string as a bikini bottom, and two triangles for a top (when she was wearing a top at all). What is this? Europe? We don’t do that here!  Okay she has a body to die for, there ya go…

Quick note to Kanye: if you want to hit the beach and be inconspicuous, maybe you should go somewhere a little more quiet than, say, Miami Beach. Maybe somewhere in Brazil or Argentina or something? I hear it worked out well for the Governor of South Carolina, so perhaps you should try a more exotic location. Then pictures like these wouldn’t hit the Internet, and you wouldn’t have to worry about flipping off the camera to ruin the shots, just so ya know it doesn’t work!

Just a thought.

Kanye West And Amber Rose

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Kanye West and his new…….girlfriend (I am being nice unlike some I could mention) do a spot of shopping in West Hollywood. Amber Rose has recently shot to fame not just because of her new man but also because of a rather raunchy photo shoot she has done wearing …… well, nearly nothing. Let’s just leave it at that!