Celine Dion

Camila Alves Shows Off Baby Bump In NYC

A very pregnant Camila Alves shows off her growing baby bump as she was spotted along with her husband actor Matthew McConaughey and their two children, Levi and Vida, enjoying a family day out in Battery Park in New York City.

The beautiful family, who tugged along the family dog, sat by the harbor and shared a peaceful moment together.

Dion at Caesars

Returning to The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Vegas, powerhouse Celine Dion showed more than 4000 concert-goers what she’s made of…

Only five months after giving birth to her beautiful twin sons Nelson and Eddy, Celine was looking amazing in a blazer, tight grey skinny jeans and tan stilettos.

Celine took a moment during her opening concert that kicked off her three-year engagement with the hotel and casino to have a little chat with the audience and she couldn’t look better while doing it.

Welcome back to Vegas Celine!

Celine Returns

Four months after giving birth to twins, superstar Celine Dion returns to Caesars Palace to begin rehearsals for her new show at The Colosseum.

Looking as beautiful as ever, she was accompanied by her husband Rene Angelil, son Rene-Charles, and her new twins Eddy and Nelson.

Can you say cute!!!

Congrats to Celine Dion!

Celine Dion recently took some time off from performing so that she could focus on extending her family, and it looks like all of the extra concentration must have really paid off: she’s pregnant! She apparently found out on Monday, and is still very early on in her pregnancy.

Celine is 41, her husband is 67 and their oldest child (the one who never cuts his hair) is 8. Congrats to the happy couple!

Celine Dion Performs Live

gt_mx001302009_1.jpg Please link to www.mavrixonline.com

Celine Dion performed live in Sunrise, Florida yesterday as part of her Taking Chances tour. I know some people who would sell their soul to hang out with Celine Dion. Namely, my grandparents. They’ve seen her live no fewer than a half dozen times, and they can’t get enough.

I’m also kind of a closeted fan. Every time I hear My Heart Will Go On, something gets in my eye and I get a little teary.

Celine Dion Loves the Environment


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I don’t know why everyone is all up in arms over the news that Celine Dion uses 6.5 million gallons of water a year at the house pictured above. It’s 6.5 acres, though. That’s only a million gallons an acre!

To be honest, we’re lucky that she doesn’t water her lawn with blood diamonds and the souls of Siberian children. I hear that’s the secret combo to keep the weeds at bay, and she’s diva enough to try it.

All joking aside, sure, she uses a lot of water (enough to fill a 50 gallon bathtub every four seconds, in fact). But you know what? She pays for it. It’s not like she’s stealing it from a neighbor’s pool or something.

I’m sure we all waste a little water every now and then. For example, I bet some of you probably leave the faucet on when you brush your teeth. As for me, I like to leave the shower water running for a while before I get in. Sure, it’s to keep from getting sprayed with an icy blast when I first turn it on, but it’s the same thing, right? Yup, me and Celine are like two peas in an over-watered pod.

Celine Dion Taking Chances In NYC


We found Celine Dion arriving at her NYC hotel yesterday. The 39-year-old is currently promoting her new CD Taking Chances, her first album in four years.

Celine says the album, released this week, brings out her inner rocker. “It’s edgier,” she said. “I always loved that type of music. I grew up listening to Creedence, Doobie Brothers, Janis Joplin, but the composers and songwriters never proposed to me to sing that type of music.”

It’s also reported that she wants to have another child and says “We’re going to be working on it.”