Chace Crawford

On Set with Gossip Girl

Keeping busy by chatting on their cell phones the cast of CW’s “Gossip Girl” were dutifully bustling around the Manhattan set of the show in between takes.

Blake Lively, Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley appeared to be gearing up to film a party scene as they wore nice dress clothes…

…ilbeit Blake made sure to stay warm with a hoodie and Uggs covering up her nice ball-gown.

The young stars are currently filming of the last episode of season four of the popular teen drama.

Exclusive!! Chace Crawford Shirtless

2_6_10_Chace Crawford Shirtless_196.jpg Please link to

Gossip Girls hunk Chace Crawford went shirtless on his balcony at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach today……………and I don’t hear anyone complaining!

Chace is set to appear in the remake of Footloose which I personally can’t wait to see. Question is, can he improve upon the role originally starring Kevin bacon over 20 years ago?

Exclusive! Chace Crawford!

Our cameras caught up with Chace Crawford at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah earlier today — and we were the only ones there to see Chace in all his glory. Chace has the appeal of Robert Pattinson, only with better teeth and a more advanced eyebrow game. Sexy!

50 Cent and Emma Roberts were also on hand to take part in the Sundance festivities.

Chloe Sevigny is InStyle

How do you like those crazy wordplay skills? Do celebrity bloggers get Pulitzers?

Our cameras caught up with Chloe Sevigny at the InStyle Magazine party at the Chateau Marmont Hotel last night in Los Angeles. It figures she would be there, she’s a total style icon — a lot of people think she’s right up there with Dita Von Teese.

Dita might not have been in attendance last night, but lots of other celebs were. Jane Fonda, Chase Crawford, Elizabeth Banks, Dana Delaney and Zachary Levi were all there and looking faaabulous.

Chace Crawford also at Fontainebleau!

Chace Crawford spent the afternoon at the pool sipping cocktails and gossiping with pals yesterday at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Chace, clearly enjoying the last few days of 2009 in the winter sun, also got in a few hugs along the way, particularly with a mystery brunette. Again, I’m more jealous of the warm weather than I even care to describe.

MavrixOnline Exclusive: Chace Crawford!

chance_crawford_mx0022509_288.jpg Please link to

Chace Crawford, one of the hottet guys on TV right now, was filming scenes for an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl yesterday. Of course, the Mavrix cameras were the only ones there to bring you back the pics!

Under normal circumstances, I’m not a big fan of the Zac Efron hair that Chace and a lot of other guys are rocking right now (I’m not even going to get started on the Jonas Brothers). However, Chace seems to pull it off.

Chace In Miami


blog_chase_crawford04.jpg blog_chase_crawford02.jpg blog_chase_crawford05.jpg

“Gossip Girls” star Chace Crawford arrived in Miami prior to the New Year’s holiday yesterday. We caught the hunky star as he got off his plane at Miami International Airport. He’s reportedly dating Carrie Underwood but the country music starlet was nowhere in sight. I wonder who Chace will ring in the New Year with?