Ice T & Coco Spend Quality Time Together Hamming It Up On The Beach In Miami

Reality superstars Ice T & Coco spent the day on the beach in Miami frolicking along the beach and even playing in the water while filming a segment for their VH1 show “Ice Loves Coco”.

Coco sizzled in an animal print bikini displaying her world famous curves for fans, friends and beachgoers.  Stopping to casually pose for photos and being an all around good sport about being a celebrity.

Coco may have ended up in her bikini but when she got to the beach she started out in an awesome sheer coverup that managed to flatter her while covering up anything she did not want on display yet.

When questioned about her “Thong Thursday” Twitter segments she said that she should have trademarked the name now that Bud Light is using the term in ads.

Regardless, Coco will always be the originator of “Thong Thursday” to me, cause she knows what’s up!

Ice-T On The Beach

Actor and rapper Ice-T relaxes on Miami’s South Beach with wife Coco, who donned one of her famous tiny-weeny bikinis.

The two spent an afternoon soaking up the warm South Florida sun and Coco posed for photos while frolicking in the surf. Ice-T took in some snorkeling and took his own picture of photographers while still wearing his snorkeling mask

Jermaine Dupri Celebrates His Birthday

Jermaine Dupri and Janet Jackson went out to Tenjune in NYC last night to celebrate Jermaine’s 36th birthday. Happy birthday, Jermaine! Even better, CoCo and Ice T were in attendance. Every time I lay eyes on CoCo, who is in my MySpace Top 8, my respect and admiration for her grows. She’s the epitome of demure class, and for that I will always adore her.

On a completely different note, how is it that Janet Jackson doesn’t seem to age? It doesn’t seem that long ago that all of the weekly tabloids were pointing out how fat she was, and here she is looking as skinny as ever. It’s like she’s straight out of Death Becomes Her or something. Jermaine must also be on the same beauty regimen, because he doesn’t look a day over 25.