Dan Matthews

Charo Works it for PETA

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Charo may be 57-years-old, but she’s still totally working the singer/actress thing. As an added bonus, she also stands up for causes that she believes in.

Recently, Charo took time out of her day to appear with PETA Senior Vice President Dan Mathews and Pico on the show The Shuffle to promote her anti-bull fighting video for PETA at Telemundo Studios in Miami, Florida.

Actually, this whole post was just a ruse to bring back some of the Dan Matthews hotness to the blog. I have a mini-crush on that guy.

Armani is in Trouble With PETA

These pictures are hot off of my laptop, sent directly from Milan. A bunch of PETA people are currently protesting outside of an Armani boutique in Italy. I have to say, the Photoshopped Pinocchio nose is rather clever. Still, Armani manages to pull it off while maintaining the sexy. Go figure.

ANYWAY, this is what Dan Matthews, the VP at PETA and all-around hottie, had to say about the matter:

“Armani is a liar. Last year, after viewing our documentary about furs, he told us he’d never used fur again.”

I also saw that documentary. You know what it taught me? That under no circumstances to I ever want to be on PETA’s bad side. Those people don’t play around when it comes to animal activism!