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M.I.A. In Hot Water For Flipping The Bird During Madonna’s Half Time Show At Super Bowl XLVI

Rapper M.I.A. is currently the subject of one of the biggest half time controversies since Janet Jackson flashed her nipple while on stage with Justin Timberlake.

The “Bad Girls” singer showed her true colors while on stage during Super Bowl XLVI, when she was performing “Give Me All Your Luvin'” with Madonna and fellow rapper Nicki Minaj.

M.I.A. apparently flipped her middle finger off to the camera and is currently the topic of controversy for the Parents Television Counsel, who’re currently waging war over M.I.A.’s flying bird.

However, the only person who’ll likely be left to carry the burden is M.I.A. herself, as the rapper signed an iron clad contract with the NFL in the case that she did something shocking while on stage and any fines that may be applied could end up the responsibility of M.I.A.

The contract was drawn so that the NFL would not be held responsible for any more hijinx caused by performers during the Super Bowl half time show.

Janet Jackson True You

Janet Jackson made a stop in at a New York Barnes & Noble book store this afternoon to meet with fans during a signing of her new book “TRUE YOU: A Guide To Finding And Loving Yourself”.

The 44-year-old singer was looking sharp in an asymmetrical jacket with belt, leather pants and slicked back hair to boot!

Not wanting to waste a precious moment during her NY stop Janet fit her meeting with fans in between her three performances at Radio City Music Hall as part of her Number Ones: Up Close and Personal tour.

What a woman!

Janet Jackson Rocks Essence

Pop royalty Janet Jackson puts on an eye-catching and provocative performance during the 2010 Essence Music Festival held at the Louisiana Superdome.   Janet, looking fabulous at 44 years old, donned a tight silver costume that accentuated her waistline and showed off her cleavage, fishnet nylons and metallic boots.  Jackson also showed off a new hairdo, a similar style to her younger counterpart Rihanna.

Looking good Janet!

Janet Jackson Tour Issues

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Do you have tickets to see Janet Jackson in concert? If so, go ahead and cancel those plans. Janet’s people sent out a press release today, which stated that the previously set-to-be rescheduled Rock Witchu tour dates are now officially canceled. Refunds are available at the point of purchase.


Jermaine Dupri Celebrates His Birthday

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Jermaine Dupri and Janet Jackson went out to Tenjune in NYC last night to celebrate Jermaine’s 36th birthday. Happy birthday, Jermaine! Even better, CoCo and Ice T were in attendance. Every time I lay eyes on CoCo, who is in my MySpace Top 8, my respect and admiration for her grows. She’s the epitome of demure class, and for that I will always adore her.

On a completely different note, how is it that Janet Jackson doesn’t seem to age? It doesn’t seem that long ago that all of the weekly tabloids were pointing out how fat she was, and here she is looking as skinny as ever. It’s like she’s straight out of Death Becomes Her or something. Jermaine must also be on the same beauty regimen, because he doesn’t look a day over 25.

Janet Jackson/Record Label Drama?

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According to record producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, Janet Jackson is no longer with her label, Island Def Jam Music Group. But since Janet didn’t announce the info, how do we know? Because Darkchild spilled (almost) everything on his video blog!

Considering that she just signed her record contract in 2007, something smells a little fishy. Darkchild said that she wasn’t getting the support she needed from the label, then added:

“I could make an album with her, possibly me, Jimmy Jam, and Terry Lewis. Keep it real simple. They focus on what they’re great at, I focus on what I’m great at. We come together and make a classic Janet record.”

Still, the question lingers: did she quit, or was she dropped?

Young Rich and Dangerous


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Janet Jackson and husband Jermaine Dupree attended the release party for Dupree’s new book Young, Rich and Dangerous at the Marquee in New York City yesterday. Janet is reportedly working on her own book about her weight loss struggles.

While on the red carpet on their way into the party, Janet wasn’t about to let go of her man, seeming very attached to Jermaine and holding onto his arm while he was interviewed. She also showed off her thin, sexy chin and neck for the cameras and took a liking to someone’s wildly colorful purse. Who knows, maybe it’ll be the next must-have accessory.

Janet To Write Weight Loss Book


Janet Jackson and her husband Jermaine Dupree were spotted outside a New York hotel last night.

It’s reported that Janet is going to write a book about her very public struggle with her weight. Her Yo-yoing weight has been the subject of much discussion over the years and now she’ll share her struggle and success. “I’m writing a book on my journey of weight loss and weight gain,” the singer said. “I’m really coming from the soul with it. I could not believe how big I was, how heavy I really was. I would see myself in the mirror, but I wouldn’t look too often.”

Janet Jackson’s Independence Day



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Janet’s up, Janet’s down…Janet’s up, Janet’s down…A chunky Janet Jackson and her boyfriend, music producer Jermaine Dupree, spent Independence Day at a Florida mansion. The enjoyed jet skiing and spending time with friends. They also took home video of their day together.

The mansion they chose for their holiday is over 11,000 square feet and includes 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms.

Last year, Janet dropped 60 pounds and not long ago said her yo-yo dieting was over. It appears she’s struggling to keep it off. Perhaps she should join Kirsty Alley and Valerie Bertinelli in becoming the next star in the “Have You Called Jenny, Yet?” campaign.