Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson’s Tearful Moment with a Soldier

Janice Dickinson shared an emotional moment with a soldier yesterday for Veteran’s Day. Sgt. Alicia Watkins of the 61st Communications Squadron recently returned from deployment and was eager to meet Dickinson when she encountered her in a West Hollywood store. The two came outside and posed for photos, saluting with one another, before shedding some tears together.

I always knew Janice was a big softie at heart! And good for her for showing support for our armed forces! This is just one of the many reasons Janice will always be THE #1 supermodel of my heart. LOVE HER!

Janice Dickinson is Hard Core

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Janice Dickinson (I always want to spell it Dickenson, with an E, for some reason) doesn’t eff around. Earlier today, she had a root canal (which involves a ton of the fun pills) and she drove herself home! I can’t even drive myself home after smoking a cigarette. The nicotine rush is too much for me to handle.

This is why Janice is my hero of the day.

Janice Dickinson Wants Her Own Adnan


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Janice Dickinson, the self-proclaimed World’s First Supermodel, was seen in Beverly Hills this afternoon following a business meeting. Her reality show, “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency,” is currently in its third season on the Oxygen Channel. Janice joked with photographers asking if one of them would like to be her “Adnan,” referencing Britney Spear’s relationship with Adnan Ghalib the paparazzo.

I’m A Maneater!


According to reports, it didn’t take Janice Dickinson too long to set her sights on some new man-candy while getting the rundown on her appearance on “I’m a Celeb, Get Me Out of Here” in Los Angeles. Ex-supermodel Dickinson didn’t recognize the show’s host, UK television presenter Delcan Donnelly when she approached him while he was trying to explain show rules to a group. Reportedly, Dickinson got fiesty saying “Another hottie. Where are you from”? The shocked Dec replied “I’m from Newcastle,” before going on with his presentation. Apparently, it didn’t take Janice long to realize her mistake, saying “Oh, you’re a presenter. Sorry.”

We Need A Potty Break



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Janice Dickison’s bulldog, Lloyd, embarrassed the ex-supermodel by using some shrubs on up-scale Robertson Blvd as a public restroom. Dickinson lunched at the Newsroom Cafe and shopped at Kiehl’s and trendy boutique Alice & Olivia while she was out in West Hollywood.

Red Hot Janice


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Our cameras spied the fabulous Janice Dickinson, looking red hot in a bikini. She lounged poolside with some of the eye candy from her Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency at the super trendy Catalina Hotel in South Beach

Queen of Nikki Beach


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Supermodel and Model Agency head honcho Janice Dickinson visits hotspot Nikki Beach Club in trendy South Beach to film part of her popular reality show “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency”. Ever glamorous Janice was all smiles for the cameras as she fooled around in the Florida sunshine.

We’d Rather Go Naked…



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Janice Dickinson’s sexy models have a reputation for turning heads – they even have their own reality show on Oxygen – but never before have they turned heads quite like this. Dozens of Dickinson models, along with Janice herself, marched along Hollywood Boulevard wearing skimpy undies and holding signs reading, “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur.” The action, in conjunction with PETA, marks Dickinson’s declaration of a fur-free policy.

Superbad Premiere


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Rumer Willis, David Spade, Janice Dickinson, Seth Rogan, Emma Stone, Jonah Hill and Michael Sera, among others attended the Hollywood premiere of Superbad Monday night.

A raunchier, funnier modern-day Revenge of the Nerds, Superbad follows the exploits of a trio of high school seniors who plot to score some alcohol for a party so they can land some girls and be experienced ladies’ men by the time they enter college in the fall.

Superbad is due to hit theaters on August 17.

In Need Of Botox?



Looks like Janice Dickinson is in need of a little Botox, girlfriend was looking more wrinkley than we are used to seeing  her last night at the Pirates premiere. She isn’t a spring chicken anymore though. so guess we should give her a break, she still looks pretty good for fifty two………..wrinkles and all.