Jason Dottley

Jason Dottley Rainbow Hair

With his cool new rainbow colored buzz cut, earning him the nickname ‘Snowcone’ by some, actor and singer Jason Dottley was all smiles while out for some shopping on Robertson Blvd.

And surely there’s no wonder why Jason is showing off his cute grin…

Jason’s single Hit Play is fast climbing the Billboard charts while he’s prepping for his soon-to-be-announced seXrated Tour.

Rock on Snowcone!

Jason Dottley Hits Play

Jason Dottley hits the rehearsal studio in preparation for his performance at HERE Bar in West Hollywood celebrating the release of his second single “Hit Play”.

The new single follows his three month Billboard chart stay this year where he peaked in the Top 20 with “Party Round the World”.  Dottley is also producing the world premiere of Del Shores’ “Yellow” which opens in L.A. in June.

Jason Dottley and Debby Holiday Rock the White Party

Jason Dottley and Debby Holiday performed their new smash single, Party Round the World, for thousands of fans at the White Party in Miami last night. By all accounts, the duo absolutely killed their performance, which isn’t surprising — those two are total pros.

How freaking awesome does Debby look? Sister WORKED THAT METALLIC NUMBER OUT! She gets three snaps in a Z formation for that getup, and Jason was no slouch, either. I hope they come to Pittsburgh soon, because I’ll be in the front row holding a giant “Hit Play, Take Me Away (to your bedroom Jason!)” sign.

JDott and Debby!

Jason Dottley, star of Sordid Lives: the Series (and my dreams), was caught by our photogs at Miami Airport with his saucy singing partner, Debby Holiday. Word on the street is that the two are in town for the White Party, where they will debut their new club anthem, Party Round the World.

Of course I get all gooey about Jason (who wouldn’t, right?), but let’s chat about Debby too this time, shall we? I LOVE HER! You want to talk about fabulous? This chick is fab personified — and crazy sexy to boot. Talented, too. I can’t wait until Party Round the World starts climbing the charts, so we can see pictures of this dynamic duo everywhere!

JDott sighting in NY !

Sordid Lives very own Jason Dottley enjoyed dinner out in Hell’s Kitchen last night with dance diva Debby Holiday and what appeared to be some high flying music executives. Dottley and Holiday are currently on the road promoting their first single together “Party Round the World.”

We all know that I loves me some Jason Dottley, but is it just me or does he get cuter every time I see him? A singer, an actor AND a total hottie? Talk about triple threat!  Get yourselves down to the White Party on November 29th on Miami Beach to see him perform live!

Jason Dottley Jump Starts My Heart

Nothing warms the cockles of my cold, dead heart quite like Jason Dottley. You know what’s even better than snaps of J.D.? Exclusive shots of him. Oh hey, guess what I have?

Last night, Jason and his friend, T. Ashanti Mozelle, headed out for a crazy night on the town in London. Get this: the duo kicked off their evening at a sex shop, followed by bar hopping to several Soho gay bars for drinks.

By the end of the evening, the two were stumbling all over the place. At one point, Jason even had to stop and collect him self while holding onto a pole (HA! That’s a double entendre if I ever saw one!). He even had to hover over a garbage can for a hot minute before he could make it back to his hotel.

Let me tell you what I love about his guy and his night out:

  1. Jason Dottley is freaking hot. Yeah, he’s as gay as the day is long, but that’s never stopped me before. Since four of the guys I dated in college suddenly became gay after we broke up, I figure I can turn one gay guy straight for a night. The universe totally owes me one. (Note to Del Shores: You better keep an eye on your man, because I’m coming for him!)
  2. They hit a sex shop before going out. Everyone should start their day/night this way. They’re usually open 24/7, so you can even stop in for a little “pick me up” before work in the morning! Plus, on Tuesdays ladies get a 20% discount! (Don’t ask me why, but it’s like this at pretty much every sex store. Sex stores are kind of like Catholic masses that way — everyone all around the world gets the same deal on the same day.)
  3. The way the night ended lets me know that these boys know how to party. HELL YES! The only thing that is missing from this photo set is a pic of one of them peeing in an alley on the way home — a move I perfected in ’03.
  4. His friend’s name is T. Ashanti Mozelle. I repeat: T. Ashanti Mozelle. SWOON!!! I think I have a case of the vapors!!! This guy has the best name I’ve ever heard, which means that Harlow Winter just got bitch slapped out of the #1 spot. She’ll have to chill out at #2, because T. Ashanti Mozelle takes the rhinestone-encrusted tiara on this one.

Dottley is in London promoting the series Sordid Lives, along with his new album of hit songs, including “Hit Play (Take Me Away).”

Hello There, Handsome

Jason Dottley is in London to promote Sordid Lives and his new album, which includes the smash Hit Play (Take Me Away), and yesterday he hit up The Ivy for dinner. Jason rocked out some short pants, an M.J.-inspired glove and some emolicious hair for the occasion.

With is hair that long and that dark, I’m getting a total Jordan Catalano vibe from Jason. For Halloween, he should totally wear a flannel shirt and sheepskin-lined denim jacket. My So-Called Hottie! To complete the look, Del Shores can put on a red wig, drum up some teenage angst and go as Angela.

Exclusive! Jason Dottley And T. Ashanti Mozelle

Jason Dottley and his friend/castmate, T. Ashanti Mozelle, got into London the other day from Los Angeles to promote Sordid Lives and Jason’s new album. London doesn’t know what it has coming!!!

Note to Europe: You can temporarily borrow Jason, but you can’t keep him. He belongs to the U.S., and we won’t let him go without a fight. However, if you’ve got a hankerin’ for some American stars, you’re more than welcome to have Jon Gosselin. If you play your cards right, we might even throw Kate in to sweeten the deal. We currently have Peaches Geldof, so it’s only fair.

Blind Item Reveal: It’s Sordid Lives!!!

Well, it looks like my first blind item was a success — we got more comments on that post than any other in the history of MavrixOnline, and Blind Gossip picked up the story! Guess we’ll keep ’em coming, huh?

As most of you guessed, the series in question is Sordid Lives: The Series. The couple affected by the shady dealings of the production company (Once Upon A Time Films) are none other than Jason Dottley and Del Shores, two very talented (and, ahem, good looking) people who deserve to have millions in the bank…so, what’s up, LOGO? How’re you going to let my boys go broke like that?

One of my favorite comments came from a guy named Thom, who called everyone to action by saying:

Listed Below Are The E-Mail Addresses For The People Responsible For Not Having Another Season Of “SORDID LIVES THE SERIES”

Please Send E-Mails To The Following People Telling Them How You Feel About “Sordid Lives The Series” —And Let Them Know That You Will Be Canceling LOGO If They Don’t Air Season Two Of Sordid!

lisa.sherman@logostaff.com The General Manager

Brian.Graden@mtvstaff.com The President Of MTV/LOGO

The Following E-Mail Address Is The PRODUCER Who Is NOT Paying ANYONE Residuals! Please E-Mail Him And Let Him Know Exactly What You Think Of Him And The Way He Is Treating The Entire Cast And Writer/Director Of “SORDID”! His Name is Stan!


So, there you have it. But don’t fret too much, Sordid fans: I have it on good authority that Del Shores is taking his show on the road, and is selling out places left and right! And of course, Jason Dottley isn’t one to let something as trivial as a major TV network get him down: he’s using his time off to jump start his singing career! Jason’s got a new single out, called Hit Play (Take Me Away).

It’s getting major play everywhere (I’ll stay classy and refrain from making a dirty comment), and you can check it (and him) out for yourself — he’ll be performing at the Bar on Church in San Francisco this weekend. If you’re not near the gay bay, you can hear the song at Jason’s website. Love it!

MavixOnline Blind Item: Can You Guess Who This is About?

This is my first time writing one of these, so bear with me:

We’re talking about the ensemble cast of a cable drama series, a series that the network LOVED right away. It was picked up for a second season, but it doesn’t look like Season 2 will ever be shown (despite already having been written). Why? Because of some BS with the production company.

So, it looks like the 12 episodes are all anyone is going to get (for now, at least). And those 12 episodes have run at least 300 times in the US, not to mention the handful of other countries that are currently running the series. With all of those episodes running all over the place, you’d think that the stars, writers and director would be swimming in royalty checks. Sadly, that isn’t the case. As a result, at least one of the major stars of the show is having his house foreclosed on.

The guy(s) in question had to rely on family and friends (of Dorothy?) to help them through troubling times.

Post your guesses in the comment section — I’ll reveal who it is tomorrow at 5pm!

Get Your Drool Bibs Ready: We Have More Pictures of Jason Dottley

When I first saw these pictures, I have to admit I got a little swoon-ey. The breakout star of the LOGO series Sordid Lives was strolling around Los Angeles yesterday with a pacifier in his mouth (don’t ask, I don’t know) looking like he walked out of one of my dreams.

He’s so hot, and yet so unavailable. Jason’s husband (it’s true what they say about all of the good men being taken or gay) is Del Shores, a writing/directing powerhouse. I guess I’ll just have to admire him from afar, since it doesn’t seem likely that I’ll ever be Mrs. Kari Lee Dottley.

What’s Up With the LOGO Network? A MavrixOnline Exclusive!!!

Here’s some dirt that you’ll only find on MavrixOnline, this time about Sordid Lives star Jason Dottley and his writer/director partner Del Shores. Apparently, LOGO has reportedly been too cheap to sufficiently pay their stars, and investors have been slow to get a second season up and running. The series has been well received by audiences, and it’s flippin’ got Rue McClanahan and Olivia Newton John in it! So what gives? The economy can’t be that bad…I saw all the earmarks in the gov’t bailout bill for Hollywood, so they’re not fooling me! Here’s what our unimpeachable east coast sources exclusively told us:

“The stars of the show didn’t get paid enough by LOGO and everyone is dragging their feet trying to put the second season together, so to make their lives’ work, some of the stars are selling their stuff on Ebay.”

So, what exactly is up for grabs on the auction site? Recently, a pair of Dottley’s 2xist briefs that were worn in an episode sold for $152.50 (with 15 bids). Ebayers can also pay for a personal appearance by Dottley, which I might have to bid on as an early Christmas present to myself. I LOVE that guy. He’s hotness personified, and one of the nicest dudes in the biz.

Even Olivia Newton-John’s TV duds are up for sale! Her size 6 leather miniskirt is going for $371 (with 4 bids).

It’s a shame that LOGO isn’t stepping up to the plate and paying their stars fair market value. If the people at LOGO (of all places!) are acting this way towards members of the LGBT community, what’s to be expected of the mainstream networks?

Sordid Lives Starring Jason Dottley is Finally on TV!


blog_sordid_lives_001.jpg blog_sordid_lives_060.jpg blog_sordid_lives_084a.jpg

blog_sordid_lives_088.jpg blog_sordid_lives_090.jpg blog_sordid_lives_092.jpg

blog_sordid_lives_095.jpg blog_sordid_lives_100.jpg blog_sordid_lives_102.jpg

Sordid Lives, one of the hottest shows to hit TV in forever, is finally going to hit the MTV Logo network. I seriously can’t wait to see Jason Dottley. I think I’ll die of desire if he takes his shirt off, and I’m not even kidding. The show was written by his soon to be husband, Del Shores (who is more than a little bit of a genius).

It also has all sorts of different famous people, like Olivia Newton-John (“Grease”), Rue McClanahan (“The Golden Girls”), Leslie Jordan (“Will & Grace”), Caroline Rhea (one of the funniest ladies on earth), Bonnie Bedelia (“Die Hard”), Beth Grant (“Little Miss Sunshine”)

Jason Dottley and Del Shores Have Balls


Both literally and figuratively! There’s seriously nothing I hate more than overzealous religious a**holes trying to dictate to others how they should live their lives. Good for Sordid Lives star Jason Dottley and his soon to be hubby , the talented Queer as Folk producer and Sordid Lives writer and director Del Shores, for giving them a piece of their minds. They also get bonus mad props and a shout out for looking effin’ hot while doing it.

As an aside, you can totally tell that tubby dude on the right is kind of digging what he’s seeing, while the dude holding the sodomy sign is pining for the gay lover he pretends he doesn’t have.

Jdot & Del – good luck with the WORLD PREMIERE of Sordid Lives: The Series in New York City at New World Stages Tonight!!!! Which by the way begins airing on Logo July 23rd 2008.
WATCH IT!! ……….

A Happy Day for Jason Dottley



The Logo channel’s Jason Dottley and his soon-to-be-husband, director Del Shores applied for their marriage license yesterday in Hollywood. California finally came to its senses and began issuing them to same-sex couples last week. Double congrats to the happy couple, who have a wedding in the works and the series premiere of Sordid Lives: The Series on July 23rd to look forward to. Way to go, guys!!!

Also, mad props and a shout out to everyone who has been fighting (and continue to fight) for their constitutional rights to equality. Let’s hope that all of the other states follow suit soon!

JDot Gets A Shock


blog_jason07%20copy.jpg blog_jason01%20copy.jpg blog_jason06%20copy.jpg

Jason Dottley takes a stroll with his hubby, Del Shores and a friend but ended up getting a shock. The trio bumped into a “character” on the street who stopped for a chat. His interesting wardrobe choice left the Sordid Lives actor in shock!