Jason Segel

Amy Adams, Jason Segel & Sir Anthony Hopkins Attend The Hollywood Premiere For The Muppets Movie

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The Muppets are back and hitting theaters everywhere starting with a Hollywood premiere at the El Capitan Theatre in LA attended by a multitude of star including Sir ANthony Hopkins, Jason Segel and Amy Adams.

In the Walt Disney film, Kermit and the gang go into action to save the Muppet Theater from demolition and get a helping hand from many of the biggest celebrities in New York City.

It’s been a big week for the Muppets, in addition to the premiere of their movie they were campaigning on Twitter to be the host of the Oscars after Eddie Murphy dropped out.

Billy Crystal was eventually announced to replace Murphy, but that doesn’t mean that the Muppets won’t make a cameo.

I can’t wait to see this movie, I have loved the Muppets ever since I was a kid, Miss Piggy in particular especially when she says “I love you Kermie”.  I guess she is not alone in that sentiment, seems the whole world loves Kermit.

Muppets forever!

Gulliver’s Travels LA Premiere

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He sees small people…at least that’s what Jack Black’s shirt said at the rainy Los Angeles premiere of Gulliver’s Travels.

Well we’ll all get a chance to see small people, including Jason Segel and Emily Blunt’s characters in the 3D adventure fantasy movie when it hits cinemas next week!

At Grauman’s Chinese Theatre Emily was looking gorgeous in her blue and tan dress while co-star Jack was up to his goofy hijinks.

All joking aside though Jack has had some pretty clever things to say about his new movie, “We stay true to a lot of the elements of the original story and I think the spirit of the comedy. It’s a very funny book, but it’s got more politics…

…We didn’t delve too much into that. This is more about the fun adventure. It’s also an exploration of people’s need to be respected. It seems like everyone wants to be a big shot in this world we live in now.  And there is so much insecurity about being a small potato.”

Forgetting Sarah Marshall Premiere


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Among the attendees at the world premiere of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” held at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood last night were Russell Brand, Mila Kunis, Kristin Bell and Jason Segel.

The film, due in US theaters on April 18, is about a devastated man named Peter who takes a Hawaii vacation in order to deal with recent break-up with his TV star girlfriend, Sarah. Little does he know Sarah’s traveling to the same resort as her ex … and she’s bringing along her new boyfriend.