Jeff Bridges

Los Angeles BAFTA Tea Party

Enjoying the pre-Golden Globe award parties and festivities many acclaimed and talented award hopefuls were spotted at the 17th Annual BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Los Angeles tea party yesterday afternoon.

Rabbit Hole’s Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart, The Town’s writer, director and star Ben Affleck and a busty Helena Bonham Carter of The King’s Speech were just some of the stars to walk the red carpet at The Four Seasons Hotel…

…with everyone anxiously awaiting the Globes…we are all wondering who will win?

Disney’s TRON: Legacy UK Premiere

Disney’s new 3-D film TRON: Legacy had its red carpet UK premiere last night, to the delight of retro and modern Tron fans alike.

At Empire Leicester Square stars Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde looked to be having a great time together as they posed for photographers.

Everyone had great things to say about the new movie…Jeff mentioning how cool it was to shoot scenes without a camera, utilizing motion capture technology.  And Olivia had nothing but good things to day about Daft Punk who scored the film.

Director Joseph Kosinski, who posed with his stars, was happy to boast that the movie was filmed in 3-D making it ‘a true 3D movie’.

Should be an illuminating experience!