Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Is Pregnant & Glowing At The NBC Universal All-Star Party

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A pleasantly pregnant Jessica Simpson was glowing at the 2012 NBC Universal All-Star Party where she was promoting her new show “Fashion Star” with co-host Nicole Richie & Elle Macpherson at the Athenaeum in Pasadena, California.

Despite the stigma surrounding pregnancy, Jessica stunned in a strapless sequined cocktail dress with matching sparkly heels showing off her famous curves and newly added baby belly.

Additionally, “American Idol” runner-up and star of the new show “Smash” about a girl with big dreams to succeed as a singer & dancer, much like her own start as a contestant on the talent show.


Ashlee Simpson & Son Bronx Exit Jessica Simpson Girls Launch

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Since announcing her pregnancy Jessica Simpson has been hounded with media attention, however, it’s her sister Ashlee Simpson that photographers caught leaving the Jessica Simpson Girls launch at Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York.

Ashlee, spotted holding her son Bronx, still wears her hair in a short blonde pixie cut that frames her face and offsets her features in the loveliest way.

Ashlee wasn’t just at the launch to support her sister, but because she co-created the tween line with Jessica, the two of which grew from teen pop sensations and know a thing or two about fashion.

Jessica is currently engaged to athlete Eric Johnson.  The two are rumored to marry shortly after the birth of their first child.

Does Jess Have The X Factor?

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Does Jessica Simpson have the X Factor?

Well Simon Cowell may think so! It is rumored that Jessica, who was showing off her fiance and huge diamond engagement ring in London earlier today, may be in the running to be part of the hit US TV show.

Jessica and hubby to be Eric Johnson enjoyed a brief stay in London making a visit to the exclusive club Whisky Mist last night.

Jess Finds Her Magic

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Recently named the celebrity guest judge for the season finale of “Project Runway,” Jessica Simpson launches the Macy’s Find Your Magic campaign during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York.

Jessica seems to be rocking those extra curves at the moment, I think she looks great

Jess Simpson Runway

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Models walk the runway at the “Project Runway” fashion show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York, NY. The increasingly homely Jessica Simpson was there to promote her clothing line, but the buzz around the net was a thumbs down for her unflattering Michael Kors mini-dress.

Jessica Simpson Takes In Extraordinary Measures

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Last night was the premiere of Extraordinary Measures at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, and Jessica Simpson showed up to make an appearance on the red carpet. She’s usually spot-on with her style, and last night was no exception. She looks HOT in all black, and the blazer is uber chic. Go on, girl!

Harrison Ford and Calista flockhard were also in attendance and looking flawless.

Jessica Simpson Has A New ‘Do

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Jessica Simpson spent some time in Ken Paves’ salon in Beverly Hills yesterday, and she left sporting a new curly hairstyle. It looks less perm-ey than curling iron-ey, which is great news for us girls. The last thing we need is for perms to be made socially acceptable again — trust. My hair strands would cry, then pack their bags and head for the nearest shower drain (like they did in 1995).

The wavy chic look works for Jessica, though. If I didn’t know that it takes an hour or so to achieve that look, I’d suggest she wear her hair like that every day!

Jessica Simpson with BFF Ken Paves

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If Ken Paves made my hair look that good every day, I’d take him everywhere with me! Jessica Simpson must have the same mindset, because the two of them were caught having dinner together at Mr. Chow last night.

Did I miss the memo about ponchos coming back? Because if I’m not mistaken, Jessica is wearing one in these photos, and Britney was also caught wearing one yesterday.

There’s Too Much Good Stuff in this Post!

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Seriously, I almost can’t take it. These are shots of Jessica Simpson at the 16th annual QVC presents FFANY Shoes on Sale charity event at Jazz at Lincoln Center. Proceeds from the event benefited the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Since there’s so much to talk about, I’m doing a numbered list (check out my mad HTML skillz, yo!):

  1. Jessica Simpson. Sister brought THE GLAM with her to this event! Has anyone seen her look this good recently? Because I haven’t since, oh, 2004 or so. Wonder if she’s gearing up for a big comeback?
  2. QVC!!!!! Little known fact: I can sit on my couch and watch QVC for hours, and I’m not even kidding. Have you seen those Quacker Factory sweaters (try not to have an eye orgasm looking at those sweaters, I dare you!), and the broad that pitches that line? She’s the one who wears the Bedazzled Rambo headband on the show each time she goes on, and she’s ELEGANCE PERSONIFIED (sorry, Shauna Sand, but you know it’s true). It’s like watching an improv show, except the cast members have no idea how hilarious they are. The best part about QVC? There’s no commercials and it’s on 24/7! You can flip to that channel at 4am on Christmas morning and still be able to shop. That’s dedication. HSN who?! QVC for life! RIDE OR DIE!
  3. Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Overall, I’m a big fan of boobs. Specifically, I’m a big fan of my boobs. I’d hate to see anything happen to them, so this is a cause that is near and dear to my heart (both literally and figuratively speaking). Do you love boobs, too? Then dig out your wallet and click here to donate!

In honor of QVC, and of boobs everywhere, it’s only fitting that I link to the best QVC on-air call ever! He loves watching porn on his QVC Dell!

Daisy’s Gone Missing!

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Poor Jessica Simpson can’t seem to catch a break! Last night, she watched her beloved dog, Daisy the Malti-Poo, get taken away by coyotes! She immediately posted the event to her Twitter, calling the whole thing a “horror”. Understandably so!

Although it’s not looking so good for Daisy the dog (who was a present to Jessica from then-husband Nick Lachey), Jess is still holding out hope. She made a ton of fliers and posted them all over the place, and I’m sure half of the Internet has seen the digital version. A reward has been offered for Daisy’s safe return.

Jessica Simpson Has A Girl’s Night Out

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Jessica Simpson, who is fresh out of her relationship with Tony Romo, went out to dinner with Ashlee and Ken Paves, her hairdresser. I know Ken isn’t technically a girl, but he handles her weave and it’s close enough. Only the people you trust the most should be allowed to mess with your hair…trust me on this.

Anyway, Jess looks like she’s holding up pretty well. I always thought she was too good for that Romo character anyway!

Jessica Simpson Goes Country

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Yesterday, Jessica Simpson performed live at the 24th Annual 2009 99.9 Kiss Country Chili Cookoff in Pembroke Pines, FL. Other performers at the day-long concert included Alan Jackson, Jason Aldean, Little Big Town and Justin Moore.

I know some of you are going to give me crap for this, but I occasionally listen to country music. Surprisingly, it’s not half as bad as people think it is. And, as far as country goes, Jessica Simpson really is one of the better musicians (even Rolling Stone agrees!).

Jessica Simpson Loves Oversized Bags

Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves went to dinner at Madeos last night, and considering the fact that she had her hair stylist with her, you’d think her hair would be a little less scraggly.

I’m also not too sure about that outfit…it kind of looks a bit dated. I look at that dress with those earrings and that bag, and it screams 80s celebutante. I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, by the way. What do you think of her getup?

All Eyes On Jessica Simpson

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Jessica Simpson went out to dinner at Madeo last night, and a swarm of paparazzi were around to get pictures of the country singer. Judging by the look of the main photograph, she’s not too happy to have her picture taken.

Here’s the deal with that, though: if you don’t want your picture taken, go somewhere inconspicuous for dinner. Don’t pick places like Madeo, where the paparazzi are camped out. Long John Silver’s is just as delicious (I would argue more so, in fact), and there aren’t a swarm of snappers waiting to get their shot.

Jessica Simpson Makes Her Music Comeback

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In the words of the illustrious L.L. Cool J, don’t call it a comeback…Jessica Simpson has been here for years.

Jessica Simpson got back to her Texas country roots with her new album Do You Know, and the results have been fantastic for her. Rolling Stone raved about the variety of the songs, and even her harshest critics don’t really have many negative things to say about the former Newlywed. Last night she had a concert in Pomona, and tons of fans came out to support her.

People can say what they will about Jess (may I call you that?), but at her core she’s a down-home girl who exudes niceness from every pore. Sure, she may wear a funky dress or two. But it’s great to see her putting out the kind of music that she wants, as opposed to the music that she (or her management) thinks that we want to hear.

Jessica Simpson Does GMA

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Jessica Simpson was on Good Morning America, and I don’t even know where to begin about that outfit. The skirt looks like the kind of print that you’d see on a plus-size swimsuit in Florida. Speaking of plus-size, some people are saying that Jess is looking a little large and in charge lately. Personally, I don’t really see it. She may be looking heavier, but I bet she’s not even approaching the 120 pound mark!

So, she’s not fat, but her sense of style is definitely leaving something to be desired. She used to be such a style icon!

Jessica Simpson Gets Into the Booze Business

Update: I’m bumping this post up so that you can enjoy the promo poster in all of its glory. I don’t know what’s going on with her mouth being open, so don’t ask.

So get this: I was checking my Facebook account yesterday, and there was an ad on the right hand side of the page that told me that Jessica Simpson has an IQ of 129. If genius is somewhere in the 130 and up range, that makes her pretty damn smart. Still not as smart as me, though. Ha! Do you hear that, Jessica Simpson? I’m better than you!

Despite the whole “is this chicken, what I have, or is this fish?” fiasco, I can totally believe that this chick is smart. She’s got her hand in just about everything, from edible body lotion to clip on hair weave. Now, she can add beer to that list. She’s signed on to be a spokesperson for Stampede Light Plus, made by the Stampede Brewing Company out of Dallas. She’s reportedly taking a 15 percent stake in the company, but the rest of the terms have yet to be disclosed.

I’m quite the booze hound, and I’ve never heard of Stampede. I’ll make sure to look for it the next time I go on a beer run (which is in approximately 26 minutes, since I no longer drink before noon) and give ya’ll my expert opinion on the brew.

Jessica Simpson Gets Back to Her Roots

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No, I’m not talking about her dye job.

Jessica Simpson performed at the Country Thunder USA festival last night, and I haven’t heard anything about her getting into a slap fight with Carrie Underwood (yet, at least). Jessica is making the transition from pop star to country crooner, and her new single Come On Over has already been released. Every time I hear that song title, I think of Christina Aguilera, circa back-when-I-was-in-high-school.

Anyway, Jessica’s album will be dropping later this year.

Happy Birthday Jessica Simpson!


Mad props and a birthday shout out to Jessica Simpson, who turns 28 today. I love Jessica Simpson, and I’ll tell you why: she totally has Katie Price syndrome. People like to underestimate her and think that she’s dumb (remember the tuna comment on Newlyweds?), but she’s actually an uber savvy business woman.

From hair extensions and lickable lotion to shoes and acne treatments, she’s peddled just about everything and it’s made her filthy rich. Good for her!