Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson Boob Job?

Has Kate Hudson had a boob job?  US Weekly reports that in late March a plastic surgeon performed a small breast augmentation on the actress.  In our exclusive pix Kate is seen wearing a blue bikini during her recent trip to Miami Beach and had what appeared to be medical tape or a band aid peaking out from under it.

What do you guys think?

Exclusive! Kate Hudson!

Our cameras caught up with Kate Hudson yesterday as she was relaxing poolside in a blue bikini with her brother, Oliver Hudson, and his wife, Erinn Bartlett. Hudson, who turns 31 in just 10 days, had a pedicure, ate bbq ribs and chilled out in the Florida sunshine.

She also appeared to be reading a script, possibly learning lines for her upcoming movie Ass Backwards. She’s definitely one hot mama!

The Celebs Come Out for the Premiere of Nine

Daniel Day Lewis, Dame Judi Dench, Nicole Kidman, Rob Marshall, Penelope Cruz and Kate Hudson all attended the UK premiere of Nine today at the Odeon Leicester Square in London. Everyone looked fabulous, but I think Kate Hudson took the “best dressed” trophy home with her. That dress is fabulous!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala

It’s that time of year again….no, not Cinco de Mayo (although I’ll be enjoying a margarita while celebrating that in a few hours)!

It’s the time of year when the Metropolitan Museum of Art throws its Costume Institute Gala! Regarded as fashion’s equivalent to the Oscars, the event’s theme this year is The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion

Everyone gets all dressed up for the occasion, and Kate Hudson absolutely killed on the red carpet. Her gold dress must have been woven from Jesus’ hair or something, because it’s seriously perfect. Victoria Beckham, Liv Tyler, Winona Rider, Stella McCartney and Milla Jovovich also made appearances.

Kiefer Sutherland and Kate Hudson do Letterman

If Katie Holmes should play the role of Mary Jo in Designing Women, Kate Hudson should play the Rue McClanahan (Blanche) role in any Golden Girls remake. That dress screams “I’m a desperate, middle aged hobag from 1986! Pay attention to me!”

Not that I’m complaining. Blanche was the hottest thing on that show, next to Bea Arthur.

Kiefer Sutherland was also there. The pinstripes are a bit much, but he’s still one of the hottest guys in prime time.

Busy Day At LAX

Yesterday was a pretty busy day at Los Angeles International Airport, as evidenced by these photos. Why was the airport hopping? Because Kate Hudson, Kate Moss and Paris Hilton were all there at (roughly) the same time, creating a whirling trifecta of awesome!

Kate Moss was fresh-faced and bright eyed (as always), Kate Hudson looked happy to see the cameras and Paris Hilton looked like she just stepped off of the runway in her red tracksuit and matching ‘B’ necklace.

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong are Officially Official


You know, for having only one testicle, Lance Armstrong sure seems to do well with the ladies. I mean, first Sheryl Crow (who is uber amazing) and now Kate Hudson? I don’t know how he does it!

Oh wait, yes I do. He’s like a superhero. He’s beaten a couple different kinds of cancer, has resting heart rate that is similar to a ninja’s and he is on a first name basis with Oprah. On top of it all, he seems like a really nice guy and is pretty flippin’ hot. It’s like he won the genetic lottery, but still manages not to let it go to his head.

Anyone have any ideas on where I sign up to be the next one to date him?

Naomi Watts Baby Shower



blog_watts_baby_shower04.jpg blog_watts_baby_shower13.jpg blog_watts_baby_shower05.jpg blog_watts_baby_shower16.jpg blog_watts_baby_shower17.jpg blog_watts_baby_shower31.jpg

A VERY pregnant Naomi Watts held a garden tea party with friends for her baby shower yesterday. Guests, who included Kate Hudson, nibbled on food, drank tea and lounged on pillows and mats around the garden and pool at Naomi’s Brentwood, Calif. home.

Although there were a couple of men at the party, generally boys were not allowed and Liev Schreiber was only spotted peeking in on the goings on from a balcony. Naomi, who looks like she is about to pop, is rumored to be expecting twins.