Katie Price

Leandro Penna Bounces Back After Split With Katie Price

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Newly single Leandro Penna, who split just days ago from Katie Price, appears to be getting back in the saddle. The male model showed off his incredible physique as he lapped up the sun and the female attention poolside.

Staying at the trendy Fontainebleau Miami Beach, Leandro took a dip in the pool and chatted to a mystery brunette. Leandro also swam in the ocean and enjoyed taking a spin on the sand on a Fat Sand Bike he borrowed from a photographer. Despite the split, he appeared to be in good spirits.

Katie Price Back in London

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Holding hands with her beau Katie Price makes her way through Heathrow airport after her overnight flight from Argentina.

Katie, who was reportedly meeting beau Leandro Penna’s family in Buenos Aires and checking out some business opportunities, kept close to her man while they navigated through the airport.

The model and reality TV star had only been in Buenos Aires for four days…hope you had fun in the sun while you were there Katie!

Katie Price You Only Live Once

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Model, reality TV star and author Katie Price offers advice to live by in the title of her new book…You Only Live Once!

With a throng of excited teenaged fans waiting outside Katie showed off her sexy legs in dark denim short shorts today while at Waterstone’s book store in Basildon for a signing of her autobiography.

And in a tight green top paired with a long white cardigan and gold platform heels Katie looked happy to be around her fans despite being without her cute 25-year-old Argentine beau Leandro Penna.

Katie Price KP Clothing

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Decked out in a casual velour tracksuit and a very tight pink top that showed off her curves and toned midriff blonde Katie Price appeared at Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex to promote her new KP Equestrian and KP Baby clothing ranges.

Boasting ‘glamorous equestrian riding clothes for the rider and horse’ and ‘glamorous essentials for the new celebrity in your life’ respectively Katie’s clothing lines should jazz up all the accessory essentials.

The busty glamor model has said in the past, ‘I don’t diet, I just ride my horses.’  And judging by what her top says, Katie seems to like having more than one stallion in her life!


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Former MMA fighter Alex Reid and opponent Tom ‘Kong’ Watson duke it out in the ring during a brutal mixed martial arts UFC BAMMA 4: Reid vs. Watson fight held at the National Indoor Arena.

In the front row was Katie Price showing her support for her man who left looking a little worse for wear.

The Expendables

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The boys were out in force last night all suited and booted and looking very handsome at the red carpet London premiere of The Expendables.

A whole host of other stars also turned out in support of the new movie including Katie Price and Lisa Snowdon to name a few of the ladies who donned the best dresses for the occasion. Sorry ladies but the men were in the clear lead last night.

Katie Price Signs Copies of Her Latest Book

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Katie Price had a big book signing event at Waterstone’s in London yesterday, and boyfriend Alex Reid came out to support her. Tons of fans lined up to have her autograph copies of Standing Out, her latest literary venture. If this book is as successful as the others she’s put out recently, she’ll be rolling in more piles of money by Christmastime!

Katie Price Domanatrix Cat!

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Jordan (or was it Katie?) was out in full-force last night for Halloween.  Katie Price went to the Bloodlust Ball in Hampton Court dressed in a raunchy Domanatrix cat outfit.  Katie’s cage fighter boyfriend, Alex Reid, went to the Ball dressed in women’s lingerie and a full fishnet body stocking. HOT!

Katie Price Launches Her New Book

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Katie Price (or is it Jordan? I’m not sure what the name du jour is) launched her new book, Standing Out: My Look, My Style, My Life, at Selfridge’s department store in London today. Of course, since she’s the glittery glamorous Katie Price, she didn’t do it alone: she was  surrounded by drag queens!

One of the drag queens is her boyfriend, cage fighter Alex Reid! He got all gussied up in one of Katie’s old skimpy gold costumes, along with three of Jordan’s friends: riding coach Andrew Gould, brother Daniel Price and best friend Phil Turner. All the guys wore outfits that replicated well-known ones that Katie has worn in the past. Daniel’s dress was a copy of the pink dress she wore for her wedding to Peter Andre, complete with tiara.

Katie Price and Peter Andre’s divorce is expected to be made official today, so I can see why she went all out with this event. Enjoy your newfound singlehood, Katie!

Jordan Wants to Have Her Photo Taken

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Jordan must really want to make the covers of some magazines this week, because since she’s been in LA she’s hit all of the paparazzi hot spots. Get this: just yesterday (in less than 24 hours, no less!), she hit The Grove shopping center, Kitson AND The Ivy. I’m kind of half expecting to get photos of her at My House or some other big club — it really wouldn’t surprise me!

Katie Price and Peter Andre Are On the Outs

File this under: stuff that makes me really depressed.

My favorite famous couple on earth, Katie Price and Peter Andre, are officially separated. Their rep issued the following statement about the situation:

“Peter Andre and Katie Price are separating after four-and-a-half years of marriage. They have both requested that the media respect their families’ privacy at this difficult time.”

Difficult for who, exactly? For me, damnit! Now where am I supposed to go any time I need a double shot of self tanner and glamor? I sincerely hope the two of them can work things out…they’re the original Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, and nobody will ever compare.

Can Katie Price Run a Marathon?

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That’s the question of the hour!

Katie Price and Peter Andre were spotted at the press conference for the 2009 Flora London Marathon held at the Tower Hotel in London today. They’re certainly dressed for the part…but a marathon’s a long way to run.

Good luck, guys!

P.S. – When’s Katie going to go back to being a blonde?

Is Katie Price on the Market for a Segway?

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Now that Katie Price (aka Jordan) and husband Peter Andre have relocated to Los Angeles for the time being, the happy couple are getting settled in and beginning to get into the swing of things. And, from the looks of it, they may be looking for a simpler means of transportation than their usual SUV!

The two spent the day today out and about in Los Angeles today and after Peter had lunch with friends at Gladstone Seafood, he met up with Katie at the Segway Los Angeles store, where a sales person demonstrated the features of one of the personal transportation units.

I looove Segways. I once dated a guy who got one for free so that he could promote them, and I rode that thing all over the neighborhood. Then, I ran it into a car and gave up my Segway riding days for good. They’re really the coolest things ever, though…Jordan should get one, she’d love it.

Jordan Might Be Moving to America!!!

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Earlier today, Katie Price (or Jordan, whatever you want to call her) and her husband, Peter Andre, arrived in Los Angeles from London after a long flight with children Harvey, Junior and Princess Tiaamii.  Reports are the celebrity couple are relocating to Los Angeles for the sake of their eldest son, Harvey.  Harvey reportedly suffers from impaired sight, autism and a hormone deficiency and Katie is seeking better treatment for him in LA. Katie has been quoted as saying,

“We’re coming back to Los Angeles with the whole family and we’re going to be looking for schools for Harvey. We’re also going to be looking for specialists doctors who will be able to look after him.  I love it in LA. I live the sunshine and the lifestyle.

If this is true, I’ll do cartwheels and backflips through the streets right now. The United States could use some of her glamor and beauty! Seriously, Shauna Sand is going to have some hard core competition if Jordan comes to town.

Katie and Peter Lunch at the Ivy

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Recently, rumors have been floating around that Katie Price and Peter Andre are on the outs. So, what’s a famous couple to do to dispel said rumors? Head to Los Angeles and have lunch at the Ivy, of course!

The couple made a big showing of being together, even kissing for the cameras at one point. Hell, they even went as far as to eat outside, so that the paparazzi could take pictures of them (being happy together) the entire time. I don’t know what it is about Katie, but she looks fantastic. Not too done up, just really pretty.

Of course, these two have had their own reality TV show. I’m starting to get a little jealous, actually. If all of these people can have their own shows, where the hell is mine?

FINALLY! Katie Price is Back in the News!

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You know, I’ve been feeling a bit glum lately. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but recently the birds have stopped chirping, screaming babies seemed to be everywhere I turn and the sky just wasn’t as blue as before. That is, until I saw these photos of Katie Price. It’s been over a month since I’ve had a Katie Price post! I seriously can’t believe it’s been so long! No wonder my pina coladas haven’t been doing the trick lately…there’s no treatment for Katie Price withdrawal.

When I saw these pictures of Jordan Katie, it was like a breath of fresh air. Well, fresh air mixed with the scent of rainbows, some AquaNet hairspray and a few sprays of drugstore vanilla perfume. Anyway, Katie was at the Paper Club in London today to sell her new perfume, Besotted.

I live in America, where the newspaper reporters write to a 5th grade reading level (no, I’m not kidding), so I had to look up what “besotted” means. Dictionary.com gives me three definitions, one of which describes my relationship with Katie:

1.) To intoxicate or stupefy with drink. (i.e. Trey besotted me at the ’80s frat party last night)

2.) To make stupid or foolish

3.) To infatuate; obsess

Katie Price Loves Her Some Kitson

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These are the pictures of Katie Price that got the blogsphere buzzing yesterday. Apparently, there are some people who think that when she got her breast reduction, she also got some lip injections. Personally, I don’t see it. Even if I did, which I don’t (because Katie is a natural beauty and would never resort to something like that), I wouldn’t care.

Actually, I probably wouldn’t care if she took up ax murdering or mailing anthrax to people on the side of her modeling career. Katie Price can do no wrong.

Katie Price Can Do No Wrong

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Katie Price, the woman also known as Jordan, arrived at LAX yesterday looking about as awesome as ever. I know I’ve been really nice to people in my last few posts (maybe I’ve just been in an uncharacteristically good mood?) but you’ll never hear me say a bad word about Katie. It’s true, look up some of the old posts. I think she’s seriously amazing, and I’ll tell you why:

First of all, she’s an inspiration to parents of disabled children everywhere. Second, contrary to what many people may think, she’s a bit of a feminist icon. She seems to perfectly balance her career and her home life, she doesn’t take crap from anyone (did you see the statement she released after she was snubbed by that polo club party?) and she does it all while looking like Barbie’s hotter twin sister. Finally, she seems like a genuinely nice person. What’s not to love?

Katie Price is a Good Mother, Damnit!



You can call Katie Price “Jordan”, and you can call Jordan “Katie Price”, but don’t go calling either of them a bad mother. Peter Andre and Katie Price/Jordan won a libel suit against News of the World today, and were awarded a “substantial” amount of money as a result. The paper published an interview with former nanny Becky Gauld, which depicted them both as terrible parents.

Good for them! See, this is what you get when you take on Jordan. Her looks don’t fool me at all…I know that underneath all of that bronzer and silicone is one sharp scrappy ass chick who is hiding big brain matter up under her weave.