Ken Paves

Jessica Simpson Has A New ‘Do

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Jessica Simpson spent some time in Ken Paves’ salon in Beverly Hills yesterday, and she left sporting a new curly hairstyle. It looks less perm-ey than curling iron-ey, which is great news for us girls. The last thing we need is for perms to be made socially acceptable again — trust. My hair strands would cry, then pack their bags and head for the nearest shower drain (like they did in 1995).

The wavy chic look works for Jessica, though. If I didn’t know that it takes an hour or so to achieve that look, I’d suggest she wear her hair like that every day!

Jessica Simpson with BFF Ken Paves

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If Ken Paves made my hair look that good every day, I’d take him everywhere with me! Jessica Simpson must have the same mindset, because the two of them were caught having dinner together at Mr. Chow last night.

Did I miss the memo about ponchos coming back? Because if I’m not mistaken, Jessica is wearing one in these photos, and Britney was also caught wearing one yesterday.

Jessica Simpson Has A Girl’s Night Out

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Jessica Simpson, who is fresh out of her relationship with Tony Romo, went out to dinner with Ashlee and Ken Paves, her hairdresser. I know Ken isn’t technically a girl, but he handles her weave and it’s close enough. Only the people you trust the most should be allowed to mess with your hair…trust me on this.

Anyway, Jess looks like she’s holding up pretty well. I always thought she was too good for that Romo character anyway!

Jessica Simpson Loves Oversized Bags

Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves went to dinner at Madeos last night, and considering the fact that she had her hair stylist with her, you’d think her hair would be a little less scraggly.

I’m also not too sure about that outfit…it kind of looks a bit dated. I look at that dress with those earrings and that bag, and it screams 80s celebutante. I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, by the way. What do you think of her getup?