Kevin Spacey

Snaps from the 2010 Laureus World Sports Awards

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The 2010 Laureus World Sports Awards were held last night in Dubai, and a ton of A-list celebrities were in attendance. It must’ve been a pretty big event, for so many celebs to take the time out of their schedule to fly so far.  The winner of the Mavrix Best Dressed Award goes to Gwenyth Paltrow — that dress looks like it was sewn on her body!

Hugh Grant, Boris Becker, Michelle Rodriguez and Kevin Spacey were also there and looking fly (yes, yes I did just use the word “fly”. 1998 called, and told me it was okay.)

Pics from the Opening Night of Mary Stuart

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Is it just me, or is Matthew Broderick giving Sarah Jessica Parker some sort of evil death stare in the main picture? It looks like he’s straight up trying to burn holes in the back of her head! Of course, today is my birthday and I kick started my morning with a giant glass o’ mimosa, so maybe it’s just the booze talking. Anyway!

The happy couple went to the opening night of Mary Stuart at the Broadhurst Theatre in NYC yesterday. Christine Baranski and Kevin Spacey (who makes me swoon) were also there.