Mary Carey

The Big Premiere of Precious

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon went to the AFI FEST 2009 Screening of Precious last night, which was held at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Precious is the latest Oprah movie, and there’s already a TON of Oscar buzz around it.

Oprah herself attended along with Tyler Perry and Will Smith, Paula Abdul, Mario Lopez and Mary J. Blige. Can’t wait to see it when it hits theaters!

Mary Carey Takes a Photog Home?!

mary_carey_kidnap_MX0041409_967.jpg Please link to

Former pornstar, gubernatorial candidate and recently rehabbed (and sober housed!) starlet Mary Carey was out last night at Mr. Chow, when she decided to kidnap a paparazzi dude. Don’t know where she took him or if she was sober when she did it (my guess: probably not).

Maybe it’ll make a good scene for the next Dr. Drew series?

Getting Into The Spirit Of Things

spirit_mx0022109_152.jpg Please link to

The celebrities in LA get into the Oscar mood with a pre-event at the Spirit Awards in Santa Monica down by the beach. Celebs included Mariah Carey, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway, Penelope Cruzand a whole buch more….. keep your eyes glued here for more photos coming soon.