Mary Kate Olsen

Mary Kate Olsen Shows Her Artistic Side At The Take Home A Nude Benefut

The always stylish Mary Kate Olsen posed for photos at the New York Academy of Art’s annual benefit event “Take Home A Nude” held at Sotheby’s in New York.

The actress, fashion designer and model stayed true to her bohemian roots by donning a floor length black maxi dress with intricate floral embroidery down the front.

New York Academy Of Art’s “Take Home A Nude” benefits need-based scholarships and endowment funds for the brightest young artists, which includes public programs at the New York Academy Of Art.

Clearly, as an artistic person, helping to give the opportunity for other burgeoning artists is a cause close to Olsen’s heart.

Holy Rollers

The Olsen twins turned out to support the new movie Holy Rollers last night in NY as did Harvey Keitel and his daughter Stella, who appears in the movie.

The film is about a young Orthodox Jewish boy who is lured into becoming an drug dealer and stars Jesse Eisenberg.

Sounds pretty gritty! I can’t wait to see Harvey’s daughter, who currently has only a handful of acting credits to her name so far, but…. if’ she’s anything like her dad she’s going to be a huge hit.

Pics from the Met’s 125th Anniversary Gala

Last night in NYC, there was a huge event to celebrate the Metropolitan Opera’s 125th Anniversary Season. A ton of famous people showed up, including Mary Kate Olsen, Kanye West, Amber Rose, Brooke Shields and Claudia Schiffer.

MK Olsen tried out a new hairdo for the event, and although I’m sure I’d be mercilessly heckled if I ever left the house looking like that, she pulls it off quite nicely.

PETA People Protest at Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Book Signing

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen had their book signing the other day, and PETA was there to represent! A bunch of people showed up holding signs and Halloween-ish masks of the sisters, protesting their fur-enhanced wardrobe. I like what they did with the Trollsen thing. Those PETA supporters are so creative!

And really, I haven’t seen those masks anywhere. I bet one of them is all crafty and hand made them using non-horse organic glue. Martha Stewart better watch her back, soon the PETA people will be taking over her empire!


Mary Kate In The Black



Mary Kate Olsen didn’t seem to have much of the festive holiday spirit today dressed all in black as she shopped at Antiquarius Jewelry and Antiques in West Hollywood. The mini mogul, along with sister Ashley, were recently targeted by PETA for her love of fur…both in her clothing lines and in her own closet. But, you’d think that if the fur couldn’t warm her heart for the holidays, rumored new beau, David Annable would do the trick, no?

Meet The Trollsen Twins

Dress Up The Trollsen Twins!

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have reportedly long ignored pleas to remove fur from their fashion collection and their own wardrobes. Now, the thin-twins are getting some publicity that will have them running so fast you’d think they had spotted a calorie!

Peta2 has launched a new website totally devoted to the “Trollsens” that coincides with the peta2 Olsen Twins ad unveiling at the Olsens’ Walk of Fame star on Hollywood Boulevard.

The site, on which the child-actresses are known as “Hairy-Kate” and “Trashley,” features a “Fatal Fashion” animated dress-up game complete; a mash-up video called “Full House of Horrors,” featuring footage from the twins’ former TV show “Full House” interspersed with scenes of animals being killed for fur; and information about actions visitors can take to get through to the seemingly ethics-challenged 21-year-olds. Visitors to the site can also pick up free Web banners showing the “Trollsen” sisters draped in animal skins—and blood.

The ad, carries the tagline “Fur Is Worn by Beautiful Animals and Ugly People”. “No one would argue that Mary-Kate and Ashley could use some meat on their bones, but the last thing they need is hair on their backs—especially when it belongs to someone else,” says peta2 Assistant Director of Youth Campaigns Dan Shannon. “These two are a couple of real lightweights when it comes to both taste and compassion.”

Mary-Kate and Ashley Endorse Help1Up


blog_olsen_twins03.jpg blog_olsen_twins07.jpg blog_olsen_twins04.jpg

Actresses-turned-designers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, seen here shopping in West Hollywood yesterday, have announced they are endorsing Help1Up, the home furnishings industry’s used furniture removal service.

Through a network of furniture banks, and facilitated by the non-profit National Furniture Bank Assn., the Help1Up service collects gently used furniture from the public and provides it to families in need. Typical recipients are victims of natural disasters, women and children escaping domestic violence and working families living below the poverty line.

“Ashley and I are happy to endorse Help1Up,” said Mary-Kate Olsen. “There’s no reason why usable furniture should be thrown away when it can instead provide a family in need with basic comfort and dignity.”

The sisters’ mary-kateandashley brand has a home furnishings collection in partnership with A.P. Inds.

Rare Joint Olsen Twins Sighting


blog_olsen_twins04.jpg blog_olsen_twins09.jpg blog_olsen_twins10.jpg

A rare joint shopping trip for the Olsen twins led the two girls to Barney’s Of New York and Maxfield’s today in LA. Our snapper managed a few shots of the pair together, let me tell you, that’s no easy feat! Following that, Mary-Kate and Ashley parted ways as Ahsley decided to go for food at Joan’s On Third.