Miranda Kerr

Victoria’s Secret Model Miranda Kerr Arrives In Paris With New York Style

Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr jetted to Europe after a relaxing vacation in Miami where she showed off her tone beach body, but checked the bikini with her baggage upon her arrival to Paris.

The perfect physical specimen covered her body from head-to-toe, wearing a black dress with over-the-knee black boots and a big, black floppy hat.

Her hair was pulled to the side in a braid, which are becoming increasingly more popular with models and celebrities these days.

It’s the 2012 Fall/Winter Fashion Week in Paris, and the model is likely making a pit stop in the fashion mecca.

Happy Belated Birthday to Orlando Bloom

gt_mx001142009_1.jpg Please link to www.mavrixonline.com

January 13th was Orlando Bloom’s 32nd birthday…I guess I was too busy swooning over Adrian Grenier to remember. Anyway, Orlando and his supermodel girlfriend, Miranda Kerr, went out in Los Angeles last night to continue the birthday celebration. That’s something I can totally get behind. My birthday usually lasts an entire week, but I usually only remember one or two days of it.

I know that Orlando was in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, but does he really need to wear all black AND sport a modified trash-stashe? When guys do this (and I’m speaking directly to Sharon Stone’s boyfriend here), they either look like a waiter or like they’re a friend of Dorothy. It’s not a hot way to dress.