Rob Lowe

Celebs A-Plenty Attend Joel Silver Memorial Day Party

It was an A-list event for A-list celebrities today at the home of Joel Silver in Malibu. Among the guests at Silver’s annual Memorial Day party were Gwen Stefani with husband Gavin Rossdale and kids Kingston and Zuma, Sean Penn, Colin Farrell and a new female friend, “The Great Gatsby” star Tobey Maguire, Rob Lowe and Kate Beckinsale with husband Len Wiseman.

I Love Rob Lowe

Speaking of sexy older men, Rob Lowe was on The Jimmy Kimmel Show last night, and after his appearance he signed autographs for a bunch of fans. He’s 45, and I’m 70% sure he’s had a little work done, but I don’t care. He’s still one of the best looking guys in Hollywood. Who needs Zac Efron when you’ve got Rob Lowe, a member of the original Brat Pack? Not me!

Plus, Rob was one of the original Hollywood stars to come out with a sex tape. And a threesome was involved! Take that, Paris Hilton! Eric Dane WHO?! The most amazing thing about Rob Lowe is that after all these years, his hairline is still going strong. I’m smitten.

The Invention of Lying Premiere

The Invention of Lying had its big premiere yesterday at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, and when Jennifer Garner hit the red carpet she reminded everyone exactly why she’s an A-List celeb. The dress is cute, effortless and showcases her ridiculous body — I’d never guess she’s a mother of two!

Ricky Gervais, Rob Lowe and Matthew Perry were also there for the event. Ben Affleck was nowhere to be seen, however…wonder if there’s trouble in Paradise?

Rob Lowe is Hot. White Hot.

One of my favorite quotes of all time is from the movie Pretty in Pink, when Molly Ringwald’s character says “That’s hot. White hot.” Long before Paris Hilton hijacked the phrase, Molly made it her own. And now, I have to borrow it.

Rob Lowe, who currently stars in Brothers and Sisters but formerly starred in every important movie from the 80s (shout out to St. Elmo’s Fire!), got into Miami yesterday so that he could film a segment on Regis and Kelly. Wiki tells me that Rob is 45, but I don’t believe it. Are 45-year-old men supposed to be this good looking?

Hot Lunch With Rob Lowe



“Brothers and Sisters” hunk Rob Lowe just gets sexier by the year. Now sporting a goatee, the Hollywood hottie enjoyed lunch at Mr. Chow’s today in Beverly Hills. Unfortunately he didn’t remove his shades so we could get a good look at those beautiful baby blues.