Sarah Larson

AHHHH! Sarah Larson Won’t Go Away!



Like the guests that invite themselves over for the weekend and then never want to leave, Sarah Larson won’t go away. She’s like, clutching to her 15 minutes of fame like Michael and Dina Lohan nobody I’ve ever seen before. I’ll tell you, if she hung on to George Clooney like she does fame, she’d have married him months ago.

Anyway, reports are coming in that Sarah Larson is now dating Jason Statham (the dude from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels). Definitely a step or twelve down from George, but I hear that Corey Feldman wasn’t available and a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Peace Out, Sarah Larson!


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Sarah Larson is a lot like my trash on Wednesdays: OUT ON THE EFFIN’ STREET!

Please excuse my enthusiasm, but I’m doing cartwheels and back flips now that I know my man George Clooney is single again. He’s too hot to be tied down! Sarah and Georgie were together for around a year, and he’s moved out of the house that they share so she can get her crap together and leave.

When tapped for comment, Clooney’s rep said “I can only confirm that we have never commented on George’s personal life.”

We all know what that means! Ladies (and gents…I’m not here to judge!), it’s time to really dig into those Carmen Electra workout tapes. George has already proven that he’s willing to date regular hobags, and while the chances are slim, one of us could totally be the next Sarah Larson.

Is George Clooney’s Girlfriend Sarah Larson Still A Party Girl?!



blog_sarah_larson_party_girl_09.jpg blog_sarah_larson_party_girl_06.jpg blog_sarah_larson_party_girl_10.jpg blog_sarah_larson_party_girl_08.jpg blog_sarah_larson_party_girl_03.jpg blog_sarah_larson_party_girl_07.jpg

George Clooney‘s girlfriend Sarah Larson shows she likes to party with the guys in these images. The former promotional model does shots with actors from “The Sopranos” and her girlfriends at a party held by online gambling website during the 2005 Super Bowl in Las Vegas. According to recent media reports Clooney has instigated a police investigation after a mysterious caller warned him to break up with Larson. The star is said to have received a voicemail from an unknown number urging him to end his relationship with Larson in which a calm male voice is heard saying, “Dude, your friends asked me to give you a message, Dump the b**ch before you’re sorry!” The couple will celebrate their one year anniversary in June, they met at the Ocean’s Thirteen premiere party at Las Vegas’ Palms Hotel, where Larson was working as a cocktail waitress.

Sarah Larson’s Antics




blog_mavrix_file_sarah_larson_commando_01.jpg blog_mavrix_file_sarah_larson_bikini_06.jpg blog_mavrix_file_sarah_larson_commando_08.jpg blog_mavrix_file_sarah_larson_amsterdam_07.jpg blog_mavrix_file_sarah_larson_amsterdam_13.jpg blog_mavrix_file_sarah_larson_amsterdam_29.jpg

George’ Clooney’s girlfriend, Sarah Larson, is back in the news as more embarrasing photos surface of her past activities as a model. She also worked as a waitress and bar hostess in Las Vegas prior to meeting Clooney. Larson is seen here in Amsterdam partying with fellow models, and in Las Vegas at an event. Also, she’s seen partying it up with a friend, preparing to bite her on the bum.

Clooney’s Girl Goes Commando



blog_larson02a.jpg blog_larson03.jpg blog_larson30a.jpg blog_larson05.jpg blog_larson06.jpg blog_larson11.jpg blog_larson15.jpg blog_larson20.jpg blog_larson16.jpg blog_larson31.jpg blog_larson32.jpg blog_larson35.jpg

George Clooney’s girlfriend Sarah Larson shows her raunchy side whilst partying with the girls in Gainesville Florida in 2005 at a promotional modeling assignment prior to meeting Hollywood heart throb Clooney. Larson is seen here partying with her friend Amber Nicole, a UFC Ring Girl and aspiring model. Nicole is this month’s cover girl of Las Vegas’ magazine.

Girls Gone Wild In Amsterdam



blog_amsterdam28.jpg blog_amsterdam31.jpg blog_amsterdam25.jpg blog_amsterdam05.jpg blog_amsterdam10.jpg blog_amsterdam36.jpg

George Clooney’s latest squeeze, cocktail waitress and “Fear Factor” winner Sarah Larson likes partying with the girls as these exclusive photos show during her promotional modeling days attending the internet gambling conference CAC 2005 in Amsterdam.

While in Amsterdam, Larson reportedly partied up a storm with the other models and a particular gentleman in her group and, during their stay, enjoyed a party cruise that traveled throughout the city’s canals while booze flowed freely.

Larson and her model girlfriends also went out to dinner at a Steak House with a group of people including Jenny Woo of (Woo is commonly known as a free spirit in the internet gambling industry and has admitted to being bisexual and to attending swinger conventions). The table dined on steaks, drank heavily and, at some point during dinner, Woo and one of Larson’s fellow models had a bigger tongue competition.

Sarah Larson Models Volleypalooza


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George Clooney’s current girlfriend, Sarah Larson, was a promotional model in her younger days. She’s shown here at the 2005 Volleypalooza held at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas.

Last week, Clooney and Larson were involved in a motorcycle accident in New Jersey that, according to reports, occurred when the Oscar winner tried to steer his Harley-Davidson past a Mazda that was making a right-hand turn from a left lane.

Both parties are saying that the other was at fault and the Weehawken Township Police Department opted not to press charges against either Clooney or 27-year-old Alfred Sciancalepore, citing the “conflicting statements of drivers and the lack of evidence to support either driver’s version.”

As a result of the accident, Sarah is on crutches with a broken foot and George is suffering from a cracked rib.