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The Celebs Come Out for Eco-Friendly Shopping

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You know what’s hot right now? The Malibu Lumber Yard. I know it sounds like something you’d hit up before trying to flip a house, but there’s more to it than that. The Malibu Lumber Yard is an upscale, eco-friendly retail site that had its grand opening last night.

The organizers of the opening night festivities must have done something right, because all kinds of famous people came out to show their support. People like Matthew McConaughey, Camilla Alves, Jewel, Mena Suvari, Vanessa Minnillo, Sean Stewart, Jerey Piven, Terri Seymour and Minnie Driver were all there.

Sean Stewart Thinks His Dad is Cheap!

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It’s reported that Rod Stewart’s son Sean thinks his dad is cheap! According to the reports, Sean said “My dad’s very cheap,” referring to an unpaid $5000 bill owed to Sean’s personal trainer Francois Xavier Declie.

Sean claimed his rocker dad would pay it, but when Rod didn’t, Declie took Sean to Pirro’s “court.” Pirro asked, “Your dad has a lot of money. Why is he so cheap?” Sean responded “I don’t know.” The trainer was awarded just $3,500 on the grounds he should have stopped working with Stewart before the bill got so big.

What a classy guy!

Foxtail Was Hopping Last Night

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Foxtail is a club in Los Angeles, and last night it was packed with celebrities. DJ AM, who TMZ says has just filed a lawsuit against the estates of the pilots involved in his plane crash, was there. So was Sean Stewart, fresh out of Celebrity Rehab. Guess Dr. Drew didn’t do a very good job, huh?

Of course, the stud of the night was Joe Francis. DJ AM is obviously more famous, but I didn’t have a choice. I have a secret crush on Joe, which I can’t explain. I had to make his photo the leader shot. He was with a new lady friend, who is a total and complete hot mess. I love her for it.

I love that her shoes look two sizes too big, I love that  her head is big and shaped like an alien’s, and I LOVE that she’s giving somebody the side eye. Even the valet guy (or is that a chick? I really can’t tell) is entralled with her. And how could (s)he not be?! I must find out who this gorgeous woman is ASAP, so that I can inundate her with fan mail.

Did Sean Stewart Fall Off of the Wagon Already?

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Celebrity Rehab cast member Sean Stewart was caught going into Crown Bar last night by the Mavrix cameras…let’s hope nobody tells Dr. Drew!

On a serious note, I’m pretty sure that when you’re an addict, you’re not supposed to be going into bars on Wednesday nights to hang out. Right?

Sean Stewart Out To Lunch


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Sean Stewart had lunch at the Newsroom in Los Angeles yesterday. Son of rocker Rod Stewart and star of the hit reality series “Sons of Hollywood,” Sean was reportedly ordered recently by a Los Angeles judge to settle in a conference with a couple who sued him. He is accused of attacking Tobalus and Ericka Stein at a party in April, 2007. The couple claim Stewart and others confronted them, then began punching and throwing bricks at them and their vehicle outside the party.

Say No To Crack!



Sean Stewart had a bit of trouble keeping his shorts up as he frolicked in the waters of Miami Beach this weekend prior to New Year’s Eve. Son of Rod Stewart was in town to celebrate the holiday and was joined later by his sister Kimberly Stewart.

Chanel Pays Homage To Artisans



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Fashion house Chanel paid homage last night to artisans and craftspeople who make feathers, pearls and silk flower accessories with a fashion show in London.

Since 2002, In addition to Chanel’s regular set of fashion shows, designer Karl Lagerfeld has held an annual show to put creations on display that are made by artisans and craftspeople whose businesses have been acquired by Chanel in order to ensure their survival and to pass along their techniques and knowledge.

The show took place in an old post office that is currently being converted to an auction house. Included in the 450 attendees who took in a wide variety of dresses, materials and colors were Claudia Schiffer, Lily Allen, Emma Thompson, Emma Watson, Karl Lagerfeld, Natalie Imbruglia and Sean Lennon.

Rod Welcomes Tommy To The Family



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Looks like Rod Stewart has welcomed bad-boy rocker Tommy Lee into the family with open arms. Tommy is reported to be dating Rod’s daughter Kimberly. The two rockers seen here at LA hotspot Hyde nightclub, hugged and laughed outside. They spent quite the family evening together inside with Kimberly and younger brother Sean. Tommy and Kimberly left together but did not want to stop and pose for the cameras.

Malibu Kayak


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“Sons of Hollywood” star Sean Stewart took some time out from his legal troubles and spent Saturday afternoon in Malibu kayaking with a friend. Britney Spears’ cousin and occasional assistant, Allie Sims, also spent some time kayaking. She later went on to hang out with Brit’s former BFF, Paris Hilton, who was hosting a party at her beach house.

Sean Stewart Gets Fit


Rod Stewart’s son, Sean Stewart, took to the streets to get fit this weekend. He was caught by our photographer on a jog with a friend in Beverly Hills.

A star of the A&E reality show Sons of Hollywood, Sean recently pleaded not guilty to felony assault charges stemming from an attack on a couple outside a party in the Hollywood Hills.

Sean Stewart Out On Bail





Rod Stewart’s son, Sean Stewart, goes for lunch with his girlfriend. The abnormally shy Stewart was arrested and released yesterday in relation to an incident earlier this year when he alledgely attacked a couple with a brick. Sean is currently released on a $60,000 bail and was charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon and one count each of throwing a substance at a vehicle and vandalism causing more than $400 in damage. Stewart is due in court on the felony charges next month.

Sean Stewart Lawsuit



Sean Stewart suprisingly has not been in hiding following reports that he attacked a couple when he and his girlfriend were taunted for not being let into a party in LA last month. He may go to ground now that the above lawsuit has been filed though. The complaints against him include assault, battery and the intentional infliction of emotional distress. The couple, Tolabus and Ericka Stein filed the complaint on May 7th.

The lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court states that the couple underwent “shock, horror, fright, worry, grief, shame, embarrassment, anger, chagrin and nausea”. It is reported that Ericka Stein had to be treated at a hospital for her injuries.

Rod At Wits End With Son Sean




Rocker Rod Stewart is reportedly at his “wits end” with his reality star son Sean Stewart. Rod is said to be devastated to learn of his son Sean’s latest run in with the law for an alleged assault last weekend which has left Sean being investigated by the authorities for assault with a deadly weapon. A close friend of the singer said, “He is at his wits’ end. He’s despairing and doesn’t know what to do next. He’s tried tough love, the softly-softly approach and let him know he’s always there for him. But nothing seems to have got through. Rod’s tearing his hair out. He has seven kids and it’s hard to give them all the attention they need. But he loves Sean and has always tried to do the best by him.”