Solange Knowles

Beyonce and Solange Knowles Strut Their Stuff

Beyonce, her baby bump and Solange Knowles all attended Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to check out the Spring 2012 fashion shows at the Lincoln Center in NYC the other day, and it looks like Beyonce is already dressing for her pregnancy. That dress is such a clever way to hide (and yet highlight) the baby, and the color is to die for. It matches her weave, too!


Solange at Karu & Y

Solange Knowles hosted a Day One party at Karu & Y last night. I guess people get so excited about New Year’s, they want to take the party into the next day. Not me, though. I was in my sweatpants watching a Sopranos marathon. I popped some Advil every ten minutes and pretended not to notice the makeup that was stull glued to my eyes. That’s how I spent Day One. Classy, right?

Solange looked great last night, especially compared to everyone else. I will be so happy when the painted-on-black-pants fad goes away. It’s one thing to rock some Lindsay Lohan leggings, it’s another to wear a friggin’ bodysuit.

Solange in a Bikini

Here’s a late Christmas/Channakuh present for you: pictures of Solange in a bikini. The lesser-known Knowles sister spent time on South Beach yesterday, taking in the sun before partying in Miami Beach for New Year’s Eve.

I’m glad it’s swimsuit weather somewhere in the world, because it’s effin’ freezing where I live. It’s a balmy 26 degrees, with a wind chill that puts the temperature around 11. That’s about 40 degrees colder than I like to tolerate, so I’m holing up in my house all day.