Spencer Pratt

Speidi Celebrate V-Day in Vegas

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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt hosted some pre-Valentine’s Day festivities last night at PURE Nightclub inside Caesars Palace in Las Vegas last night. This is the couple’s first official outing together since Heidi’s plastic surgery procedures, and Heidi came out in a festive pink dress that hugged all of her curves (new or not).

Spencer and Heidi Pratt Celebrate the Playboy Spread

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Well, the day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here — Heidi Montag’s Playboy issue is about to hit newsstands, and it looks like Spencer got an early copy in time for his 26th birthday. Of course, the dazzling duo (insert snicker here) took the opportunity to get some press for the issue by posing for photos outside of an LA restaurant.

It’s interesting to me that two such devout Christians would participate in such events. Spencer let his wife be photographed naked for everyone to see, Heidi posed nude for the magazine, and the two are parading around like it ain’t no thang. And it really isn’t, at least in my opinion. But then again, I don’t go around throwing my religion (or lack thereof) in other people’s faces. A tad hypocritical, no? I mean, you don’t see Miss Mormon Marie Osmond flashing her hoo ha to the cameras, do you? WWJD? Not Playboy, I’m sure!

Hey, at least she looks good in the pictures!

Are Spencer and Heidi Pratt Expecting A Baby?!

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Is Heidi Montag-Pratt pregnant? Spencer and Heidi were shopping for baby clothes at Kitson Kids in Beverly Hills yesterday, and so far there’s no word about who they’re for. I’m thinking she’s not pregnant, because the two of them would probably make an announcement like that through the cover of USWeekly or People or Equestrian Monthly (kidding!) or whoever the highest bidder was, rather than let the news slowly leak out via paparazzi photos.

It makes sense…why pull a Halle Berry when you can make a half million dollars (or more!) via a magazine cover?

The Maxim Hot 100 Party

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The Maxim Hot 100 party was the other day, and I totally would have been there if I wasn’t laying on my deathbed. I caught a major case of something nasty, which is why posting has been kind of sporadic the last couple of days. But fear not, I’ve downed a bottle of DayQuil, popped some Pepto and I’m at least 15% better. So, on to the celebrity gossip!

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Pratt were at the party, and those shoes of hers are enough to earn her a spot on the Hot 100. I really want a pair, and I’ll give mad props and a shout out in a later post to anyone who can tell me where to buy them online…leave the info in the comments section with your name, and I’ll make you (pseudo) famous.

Other peeps in attendance were the Kardashian sisters, Gabrielle Union (LOVE HER!), Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo, Amanda Bynes (LOVE HER TOO!), Brittny Gastineau and Audrina Patridge. Congrats to all the ladies who made the list!

Heidi Montag is Now Heidi Pratt

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Guess who got married (for real this time)?! Speidi!

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag got hitched at the Westminister Presbyterian Church in Pasadena yesterday. The wedding didn’t come as a big surprise, because details of the event have been leaking out left and right for weeks. Heidi’s dress, however, is kind of a shocker. I didn’t have her pegged as the frills and rhinestones type, I thought for sure she’d go with a slip dress of some sort.

Congrats to the newly married couple!

Spencer Pratt Plays Paparazzi

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Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag went to Crown Bar last night, but before they actually went into the club they decided to play around with some cameras. One of the photographers let even let Spencer borrow his camera to take pictures of Heidi. Those things are like, $10,000 or something ridiculous like that!

From what I understand, photographers LOVE Speidi. I watched a video yesterday (don’t judge) of the two of them ordering the paparazzi some pizza while they ate at some restaurant. Of course, they ate outside so that the photogs could get pics of them the entire time.

These two are taking fame whoring to an entirely new level, never before seen. As much as I want to not like them, there’s something smart about the way they play the media to their advantage…and I just can’t hate on that.

The Latest Speidi Info

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Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag had a busy day today. First, they started at a church in Pasadena where they filmed a scene for The Hills, which is totally unscripted. Then, Spencer filled his new Porsche Cayenne (!!!) up with gas while Heidi (and those shoes of hers) waited in the car.  I guess he gets bonus points for pumping his own gas, but how the hell did he pay for that car? Does “acting” on The Hills pay that well? Because if so, my ass is headed down to SoCal so that I can get in on a little of that action. I digress.

After getting gas, Spencer took some photos of the photographers and posted them to his Twitter, saying it would be viewed by 200,000 people. Holy crap…being on The Hills sounds like the sweetest gig ever.

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Got Married!!!

Guess what Spencer and Heidi did on November 20th? They got married in Mexico!!!

I thought for sure there would be hundreds of pictures of the two of them picking out dresses, tasting cake and meeting with the wedding planners (oh yes, I thought there’d be at least a half dozen), but I was wrong! Instead, the duo quietly eloped to Mexico with the photographers of UsWeekly.

I’m guessing their publicist lost my number? Did my invitation get lost in the mail? Because I totally would have been available to go and take pictures for them. Really, I wouldn’t have minded the exclusive. Hell, I’d have made a mad dash for the open bar bouquet and everything!

It’s such a shame that I wasn’t invited, because I would have been happy to give the couple the best gift they’ve ever received: a Carmen Electra Signature stripper pole. Maybe next time?

Spencer and Heidi at Taco Bell

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag will literally pose anywhere. From having a picnic in the park to staging photo ops on Mother’s Day, I’ve seen them do just about everything. Now, I’m seeing them at Taco Bell. Quick, somebody please put me out of my misery!

On the bright side, this time they’re at least raising awareness for a good cause: the World Food Program. At the end of the day, Taco Bell cut a $10,000 check to the program in their names. I actually am a donor to the WFP, and have been for quite some time. They’re one of the highest rated charities around, and they’ve managed to feed thousands of children for as little as 25 cents per meal. For more information, or to donate, click here.

Spencer and Heidi Know How It’s Done!!!


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Sweet baby Jesus, this is effin’ funny!

So last night, there was a pretty big event, with Nestea and Nikon sponsoring the new launch of Trent Vanegas’ Pink is the New Blog. Lots of people were there, including Samantha Ronson, and get this:

Heidi and Spencer showed up, got out of their car, took pictures along the red carpet and then got back in their car and peaced the hell out! They didn’t even go into the actual event, they just posed for the cameras!

When this info hit my inbox, I literally sprayed iced coffee all over my keyboard (and then had to reread the email to make sure I had everything right). I’m typing in a puddle right now, as my mind has just been blown by Speidi’s unapologetic fame whoring.

We LOVE To Be Photographed!


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“The Hills” actress Heidi Montag and her fiancé Spencer Pratt take a shopping trip along Robertson Blvd. While Heidi shopped, Spencer videotaped her.

The pair were recently accused by fellow The Hills star Lauren Conrad (aka LC) and her ex beau, Jason Wahler of letting slip their secret sex tape to the press.