Tobey Maguire

Celebs A-Plenty Attend Joel Silver Memorial Day Party

It was an A-list event for A-list celebrities today at the home of Joel Silver in Malibu. Among the guests at Silver’s annual Memorial Day party were Gwen Stefani with husband Gavin Rossdale and kids Kingston and Zuma, Sean Penn, Colin Farrell and a new female friend, “The Great Gatsby” star Tobey Maguire, Rob Lowe and Kate Beckinsale with husband Len Wiseman.

“The Great Gatsby” at Cannes Film Fest Opening Ceremony

The cast of “The Great Gatsby” arrive at the Opening Ceremony of the 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival where they premiered their film at the Palais des Festivals.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire looked sharp as they posed for pictures.

Jury member Nicole Kidman wore a lovely tan patterned strapless dress with pink high heels.

Cindy Crawford continues to look amazing as she walked the red carpet in a figure flattering white dress.

Also in attendance was Julianne Moore in a beautiful two tone flowing strapless dress with silver high heels.


Celebrity Filled Malibu Memorial Party

Memorial Day, sunshine, a bunch of celebrities and the beach and what do you have? A fantastic party!

A host of celebrity pals got together to rub shoulders and have some fun celebrating this weekend in Malibu including Selena Gomez (sans Justin Bieber), Dianna Agron, Toby Maguire, Robert Downey Jr, Kate Beckinsale, Gwen Stefani and hubby Gavin Rossdale,

My Memorial Weekend wasn’t anywhere near as glamorous! How was yours?

Douglas Honored

Michael Douglas, along with his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael’s stepmother Anne Buydens and father, legendary actor Kirk Douglas, took to the red carpet in NY last night prior to Michael receiving this year’s Chaplin Award.

The award is part of the Film Society’s 37th Annual Chaplin Award gala. Brooke Shields and Tobey Maguire were also on hand while Micheal was honored.

Celeb Families Celebrate Easter

Executive Ron Meyer (also, Tobey Maguire’s father-in-law) threw a HUGE Easter party at his home yesterday, and judging by the number of A-list celebrities that showed up, you’d think it was a red carpet event! All kinds of stars brought their families to the party, including Tobey Maguire (of course!), Molly Sims, Jamie Foxx, Goldie Hawn, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale.

It’s hard to say which celeb baby was the cutest — but Tobey’s kid is definitely a contender! Adorable!

Tobey Maguire and the Family Do Lunch

Tobey Maguire and his family hit up a vegetarian hot spot in West Hollywood yesterday, and Tobey is looking pretty good in these shots. His daughter is absolutely precious, too!

So, I knew that Tobey’s been a vegetarian for years (over 14, but who’s counting?), but I didn’t know that he recently turned vegan. He made the switch some time this year.

Another fun fact about Tobey: it’s rumored that he’s made over $10 million by playing poker in tournaments around Hollywood. It’s not hard to believe, considering that he’s placed in the money a couple of times during the World Series of Poker.  I guess if the acting thing ever falls through, he’ll still be set!

Tobey Maguire and his Fam Go Vegan

Tobey Maguire and his family were out in Hollywood today, where they stopped to grab a bite for lunch at a vegan restaurant. Tobey seems to be so down to earth — all the pictures I’ve seen of him lately have included his family. Of course, if my kids were as cute as his, I’d want to be around them all the time too!

Tobey Maguire and Co. Hit the Pumpkin Patch

Tobey Maguire and his family, wife Jennifer Meyer and their two children Ruby Sweetheart and Otis Tobias (no, I didn’t just make those names up. I wish I could take credit for that kind of creativity), were the latest in a long line of famous people to go pumpkin hunting at Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch.

See, these guys know how it’s done. You can’t get a pumpkin in early October, because it’ll be all saggy and rotten by the time Halloween rolls around (and that’s assuming none of the neighborhood bastards don’t come around in the middle of the night and stomp on them). You just can’t get a pumpkin more than a week before Halloween! It’s like a holiday rule or something. Kind of like how you can only wear glitter on Halloween and New Year’s Eve. It just is.

Tobey Maguire is a Family Man

Tobey Maguire took his family out to Madeos for dinner last night, and the guy was stationed on stroller duty while his wife, Jennifer Meyer, got the kids in the car. Is it just me, or does Toby look like he’s getting a little junk in the trunk? And it looks like Kelly Osbourne isn’t the only one who could benefit from my lazy fashion tips!

I could totally take or leave Tobey. He’s always seemed kind of unremarkable to me, and I’ve never been able to figure out how he got to be such a huge star. I mean, Spiderman? He totally lucked out when he landed that role. Other than that, he is completely and utterly average.

Look at these pics! If you saw that guy on the street, you’d never guess he’s a rich and famous movie star. In fact, you’d probably hand him $1 for a cup of coffee (even though you know he’s just going to spend it all on booze). You’re so charitable!

The Maguire Family is Adorable

Tobey Maguire spent Valentine’s Day with his wife, Jennifer Meyer, and daughter, Ruby Sweetheart, at a Beverly Hills playground.  I totally forgot that he named his kid Ruby Sweetheart! That might even top Bronx Mowgli, as far as baby names go. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that nobody will ever top Harlow Winter.

Maguire and Meyer are expecting their second child together in the spring of 2009. Can’t wait to see what they name the new kid!

Tobey Maguire Filming



Tobey Maguire made a rare daytime appearance today to film a scene for Entourage. The actor’s wife Jennifer Meyer was on hand in between takes. The couple looked pretty happy together and held hands and giggled with eachother. They have a daughter together, Ruby Sweetheart Maguire who was born November 10, 2006. Isn’t it about time for baby number two?

Spiderman Wants A New Web


Spidey needs a new lair now that baby makes three!

Tobey Maguire is said to be on the move from his Sunset Strip area home now he and his wife have six month old Ruby. He is looking for something more family-friendly. His current one-story contemporary-style house was purchased in 2002 for $3.5m and has 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Celeb neighbors include Jennifer Aniston, Keanu Reeves and Maguire’s good buddy Dicaprio.






Spiderman 3 opened in London to mixed reviews. As a lifelong Marvel fan, I feel that the only person to be correctly cast in this franchise was Rosemary Harris as Aunt May.
One good thing about Tobey Maguire though, is that he sure knows how to set the red carpet ablaze with his dapper dress sense and flamboyant shenannigans!