Tony Curtis

RIP Tony Curtis

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Sad news today, a Hollywood great is no longer with us. Tony Curtis has passed away at the age of 85 following a heart attack as his home in Henderson, Nevada.

The screen legend who starred alongside the likes of Roger Moore and Marylin Monroe has left behind a loving family including the talented Jamie Lee Curtis.

MavrixOnline Exclusive: Tony Curtis!

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Here’s a pretty awesome exclusive, which is totally fitting for the Thanksgiving holiday: Tony’s an American treasure, and has acted along side of uber-stars like Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemmon. Plus, he’s Jamie Lee Curtis’ dad!!!

All that is well and good and everything, but you know what really makes Tony’s star shine? His string of wives! This hot piece has been married six times to six beautiful and talented women. That’s the kind of never-give-up spirit that I can really get behind.

Tony has obviously lived a ridiculously interesting life, so it’s only fitting that these shots are from his book signing in Hollywood. His autobiography is called An American Prince: A Memoir, and is on store shelves now. I’m picking up a couple of copies for the older men in my life…it seems like it’ll be a good read.

Ray Courts Hollywood Collectors Show


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Among the legendary celebrities at Ray Courts Hollywood Collectors Show yesterday were Tony Curtis, Debbie Reynolds, Angie Dickinson (who got playful with a pooch) and legendary James Bond villian, Richard Kiel.

The “Hollywood Collectors Show, Inc.” presents memorabilia, fan, collector, vendor/exhibitor and celebrity guests shows in the Hollywood and Burbank, California area.