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A Famous Stars and Straps Celebration

Last night was the Famous Stars and Straps celebration at Club Vanguard in Hollywood, and sweet baby Jesus does Kelly Osbourne look amazing. She’s been looking super hot lately, and last night was no exception. Her finance, Luke Worrall, gets bonus points for incorporating plaid into his outfit, via the shoes. It’s festive, and I dig it.

As good as the two of them looked, Travis Barker and Snoop (Doggy?) Dogg were the stars of the night. I’m glad to see that Travis is working again!

DJ AM Has Been Laid to Rest

Travis Barker joined DJ AM’s friends and family as he was laid to rest in Los Angeles yesterday, and for the first time since I can remember he wasn’t wearing a hat. I’m assuming the fiery plane crash has something to do with his hair being like that — just another reminder of how lucky he and DJ AM were to escape. Now, he’s the only one left. So, so tragic.

Are Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler Back Together for Good?

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It’s reported that Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker are planning to wed again, nearly a year after their divorce was finalized. The two have reportedly been nearly inseparable since Barker survived a horrible plane crash late last year. Moakler, a former Playboy model, said:

“We would like to renew our vows and have another wedding. It’s not so much about the wedding but about having a celebration of each other and getting through all the crazy things we’ve been through. When you almost lose a loved one, it makes you appreciate the things you took for granted.”

I’m totally behind their reunion…as long as there’s a reality show to go with it!

Recovery Update for Travis Barker and DJ AM


Good news this morning, the medical director at the Burns Center where Travis Barker and Adam Goldstein (aka DJ AM) were taken yesterday after the horrific plane crash has announced that both are expected to make a full recovery .

Dr. Fred Mullins said that both men are being treated there in Augusta, Georgia for second and third-degree burns. Barker was burned on his torso and Goldstein, was burned on his hands and part of his head. The doctor says both men are still in critical but stable condition. He also said recovery from such burns can take as long as a year but also said that both men had no other injuries.

Exclusive Travis Barker/DJ AM Update

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Musicians Ryan Meadows (left) and Nick Joiner of local band, The Eastern Terminus decided to show their support for Travis Barker and DJ AM outside of the burn center of Doctor’s Hospital, where both are being treated for severe burns. How did they do it? By staging an impromptu drum session in the parking lot in the dark! Way to go guys, you Rock!!

This is the latest statement issued by Travis and DJ AM’s publicist Jenni, “Both Travis Barker and Adam Goldstein (DJ AM) are in critical but stable conditon and are being treated at Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia after surviving a plane crash late last night in Columbia, South Carolina. The hospital will issue a statement with an update on their condition at 9:00 am eastern time tomorrow. Due to the nature of the injuries and the evolving course of treatment no further information on their condition is available at this time. The accident claimed the lives of four people on board, two of whom, Chris Baker (Lil Chris) and Charles Stills (Che), were close friends of the injured. On behalf of Travis Barker and DJ AM, deepest sympathy is expressed to the loved ones of all who perished in the crash. As the two recuperate and mourn this loss, privacy for them, their families, and friends is requested at this time”.

This is seriously one of the saddest pieces of news in quite some time. We hope more people turn out all over the country in support of these guys. Travis Barker is one of the greatest drummers of all time and DJ AM is a world renowned DJ extraordinaire. Once again, we hope they both have a speedy and safe recovery.

Travis and DJAM Tragic Learjet Accident

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Our thoughts and get well wishes go out to Travis Barker and DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) and all the families involved following the tragic South Carolina plane crash that killed Barkers friends, assistant Chris Baker and security guard Charles Still as well as the pilot Sarah Lemmon and co pilot James Bland of the Learjet. Barker and Goldstein are said to have saved their own lives by jumping out of the fiery wreckage and both have severe burns and are in “critical but stable” condition at a burn center in Augusta, Ga. The duo were in Columbia, SC and had performed together under the name TRV$DJ-AM at a T-Mobile free concert on Friday night. Officials said the plane carrying six people was departing shortly before midnight when air traffic controllers reported seeing sparks. The plane hurtled off the end of a runway and crashed on an embankment across SC interstate 302, a five lane highway and was engulfed in flames, said Debbie Hersman, a member of the NTSB.

Travis and Shanna Split Yet Again


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Following reports that Travis Barker and his wife Shanna Moakler have split for a second time, the Blink 182 rocker took his mohawked son, Landon, and daughter, Alabama, for treats at Starbucks. Travis was assisted by a mystery brunette.

The split isn’t all over the couple’s MySpace pages as it was last time and seems a bit more civil. They split about a month ago after having reunited earlier this year.

Barker has been quoted as saying “I’m getting custody of my kids right now.” But, there has been no clarification or further comment from either.