Vinnie Jones

Ben and Jen Decorate Cakes With Daughters

It’s a family affair for the Affleck’s as Ben Affleck and wife Jennifer Garner are seen decorating a make-your-own cake along with their daughters Violet and Seraphina at Duff’s Cakemix in West Hollywood.

The lovely family appeared to be having a great time as they use their own creativeness to decorate each masterpiece.

The actress-slash-mommy was all smiles enjoying her coffee while helping Seraphina with her yellow cake.

While the director/producer/actor/daddy, how many titles can Ben have?, was seen taking pictures as well as helping Violet tackle her pink and purple cake.

The happy family left all smiles after sharing a great moment together.

Jason Statham and Vinnie Jones do Lunch

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Jason Statham and Vinnie Jones went out to lunch yesterday in West Hollywood. Finally, I have an image set from somebody who isn’t in a bikini and on the beach! I was starting to have a mental breakdown from trying to suppress my jealousy.

Anyway, how badass do these two look together? Still, there’s something off. I think it has something to do with the jeans with the blazers with the shirts underneath…it’s almost as if they talked to each other beforehand to coordinate their outfits. Their shoes are even similar! It’s kind of creepy, to tell you the truth.