Eco-Friendly Jeremy Piven


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Eco-friendly Entourage star, Jeremy Piven, grabbed a bite to eat at the Newsroom Cafe, yesterday, while pouring over a new script. Piven pulled away in a Hydrogen powered BMW. The actor is part of a select group that have been given an opportunity to try the new hydrogen-powered luxury performance car. The BMW has a 260-horsepower, 12-cylinder internal combustion engine capable of running on either premium-grade gasoline or hydrogen and can be alternated at the press of a button. The car is also able to switch fuels automatically when the liquid hydrogen tank runs dry. When asked about the car, Piven responded, “If the government received more pressure from the public, Hydrogen could be a viable source of energy within ten years”. No price has been released for the car but the standard-fuel BMW it is based upon, the 760Li, retails at $118,900.

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