Hoff Looking Forward To Father’s Day





David Hasselhoff left an LA court today emotional and jublient after being awarded sole physically custody of his kids and said that he planned to celebrate by spending Father’s Day in New York. He also said that now the court had ruled he would like the focus to switch away from his personal life and back to his acting career. “Me running down a beach or talking to a car” said Hasselhoff who spoke outside the court with tears in his eyes. Hasselhoff said it was a “Beautiful day”. His ex Pamela Bach entered the court all smiles but took her time leaving. “She didn’t want to face the press after the ruling,” said source who was inside the court after the closed hearing ended. “They had to take her into a bathroom and clean her up, she was very upset”. Bach did finally make an appearance but could not comment on the proceedings. “There’s a gag order in place,” explained Debra Opri who is Bach’s attorney. “We can’t talk about the case”.

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