Kate Beckinsale’s Birthday Shopping Trip


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Kate Beckinsale, who turns 34 today, is seen here shopping at Tracey Ross clothing boutique on the Sunset Strip in LA. Still a non-driver, Beckinsale had a driver waiting for her as she browsed the trendy store wearing a pair of “skinny” jeans and some torturous looking high-heeled sandals.

A Perez Hilton reader revealed last week that her camera was recently violated by Kate’s bodyguards at an exclusive resort. After a friend snapped pictures of her own son at the kiddie pool, “a hotel employee sheepishly asked to see her camera‚Ķand two of her guards looked through all the pictures on it.” Ms. Beckinsale was apparently sitting at the pool and got paranoid when she noticed the camera aimed in her direction.

She certainly didn’t seem camera-shy for our photographers.

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