Kirsten Dunst Joins Roster Of Celebs In Rehab




Spider Man actress Kirsten Dunst is reportedly the latest Hollywood starlet to check into rehab. The 25-year-old was devastated after breaking up with her boyfriend of six months, Razorlight front man Johnny Borrell, in August.

Reports are that she began taking anti-depressants to help get her back on her feet at her doctors’ requests, but when she began mixing heavy nights of drinking with the prescriptions, it became too much for her to handle and turned into a downward spiral. Dunst sensed the need for help and checked into the Cirque Lodge in Sundance, Utah rather than facing her problems head-on on her own.

She is just the latest star to check into the Cirque Lodge. Last week, it was reported that Eva Mendes, notorious for her clean living, had checked into the facility for substance abuse problems. And, perhaps Cirque’s most famous client, Lindsay Lohan was most recently in the facility late last year, checking out in October.

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