Ben Kingsley

Iron Man 3 UK Premiere

Robert Downey Jr, Sir Ben Kingsley and Rebecca Hall promote the next installment of the Iron Man franchise at the London Premiere of “Iron Man 3.”

Robert, who also posed with his wife Susan, wore a sharp black suit with grey sneakers.

Rebecca Hall, who plays Maya Hansen in the film, wore a black jumpsuit with a black belt, black purse and black high heels.

Prince Of Perisa LA Style

The red carpet was rolled out last night in LA for the US premiere of Prince Of Persia!

Leading lady, Gemma Arterton, paraded in a one-shoulder Grecian goddess dress. I heard she has all of them made to measure because she doesn’t fit the standard sample size….. sample size be darned – she looks fantastic!

Also on hand were the handsome Jake Gyllenhaal, Sir Ben Kingsley, Daniela Lavender and Alanis Morissette.