Beyonce & Jay-Z Take A Break From Blue Ivy At Bar Pitti In New York City

Pop’s most fabulous music making couple Beyonce & hubby Jay-Z took a little time to themselves as they spent Sunday afternoon at Bar Pitti in New York City.

The dynamic duo left baby Blue Ivy at home, perhaps in the care of Beyonce’s mother Tina or perhaps with a nanny while the lovely couple canoodled like newlyweds.

Beyonce exercised her inner goddess, getting all dressed up for the outing in a black off-the-shoulder top, animal print pants, a black hat and sunglasses with bright orange heels.

I can’t wait to see the awesome outfits little Blue Ivy Carter will wear in the near future, like mother like daughter!

Beyonce Bares All With Baby Bump In New York

Beyonce isn’t letting pregnancy stop her from being one hot mama.  The “I Was Here” singer made waves while walking through New York City proudly displaying her baby bump for fans and photographers alike.

Beyonce recently revealed that it was difficult to keep her pregnancy under wraps initially because she was performing four sold out shows at New York’s Roseland Theater in August, right before she announced she was with child.

However, Beywolf managed to conceal her pregnancy despite how hard it was on her physically saying:

When you’re pregnant, it’s a little bit harder to breathe, so it was hard doing all the choreography and singing at the same time.

Still, the 30-year-old singer has managed to perform, walk red carpets and wow her fans while wearing her baby bump like the most fashionable accessory of all, and that’s how you get an A+ in pregnancy.

Beyonce Takes Baby Bump For A Ride On A Luxury Yacht With Jay-Z & Family

Beyonce may be a diva on the stage but this outstanding performer is summoning a new role in life as mother.

The Queen B took some time off to relax on a luxury yacht with her family including husband, rapper Jay-Z and sister Solange.

While Solange and Jay-Z enjoyed sipping on chilled champagne, Beyonce looked content playing her her sister’s son Daniel while proudly holding onto her growing baby bump.

The entire family spent the afternoon lavishing in the sun while taking photos of each other, including Beyonce in a long, flowy royal blue swimsuit cover that highlighted the size and shape of her ever growing baby bump.

New Fragrance Pulse Keeps Beyonce’s Heart Beating While Promoting It In New York City

When you’re one of the most famous women in the world, even pregnancy can’t slow you down.  Just ask Beyonce, who’s been promoting the launch of her new fragrance Pulse all over New York City.

At the event, Beyonce wore a long winter white dress where she addressed fans at Macy’s Herald Square where she talked about her new scent Pulse.

Pulse was inspired by the feeling Beyonce gets when she’s on stage and her favorite flower, the orchid.  It also incorporates the subtle hint of peony and midnight blooming jasmine.

Beyonce along with husband, hip hop mogul Jay-Z announced their pregnancy at the MTV Video Music Awards in August.


Pregnant Beyonce’s Pulse On Display During Fragrance Launch In New York

Beyonce glows in a sapphire blue mini dress during the fragrance launch for Pulse, at PH-D at Dream in New York City.

Pulse is Beyonce’s latest fragrance and is dedicated to the singers favorite flower, the orchid and the scent is orchestrated to mirror the empowering superstar feeling of being onstage.

The bottle, which mirrors the colors in Beyonce’s ensemble, is fashioned to look as though it is upside down.

The “Best Thing I Never Had” singer doesn’t look any worse for wear, regardless that she recently announced her pregnancy.

Apparently, the pregnancy glow really works for her, which leads me to believe that when you’re one of the most powerful females in pop music, you can make anything work for you if you feel like it.

Beyonce and Solange Knowles Strut Their Stuff

Beyonce, her baby bump and Solange Knowles all attended Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to check out the Spring 2012 fashion shows at the Lincoln Center in NYC the other day, and it looks like Beyonce is already dressing for her pregnancy. That dress is such a clever way to hide (and yet highlight) the baby, and the color is to die for. It matches her weave, too!


Coachella Day One

Looks like somebody was having fun yesterday! Beyonce gets her groove on standing sidestage on day one of Coachella watching hubby Jay Z perform…… and she wasn’t the only celeb sighting yesterday at the popular music festival. Kelly Osbourne and Katy Perry were also spotted along with Agyness Deyn sporting a freshly shaved head, pink dress and Doc Martens!

Beyonce and her Mom Team Up with Mayor Bloomberg

Beyonce and her mother, Tina Knowles, made an appearance yesterday at the Phoenix House in NYC with Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Both ladies wore dresses that fit them perfectly, which makes sense considering they’re probably from the House of Dereon collection.

In semi-related news, does Beyonce look like her mother or what?! They look like they could be sisters!  Beautiful!

Exclusive! Beyonce and Jay Z

Beyonce and Jay-Z spent some quality time togetherrecently in Miami during a rare break in their busy schedules at a $16 million dollar water-front mansion and aboard a luxury yacht.  Could this be a belated Valentines gift day from Jay-Z?  The couple spent Valentines Day apart due to work commitments and reportedly Skyped each other on the most romantic day of the year. What a bummer!

The couple cruised around the waterways and took the 100 foot yacht for a full throttle ride on the ocean waves. They sipped glasses of wine and cuddled on the back of the yacht before returning to the 8 bedroom, 9 bathroom mansion where they chatted with their entourage. Beyonce joined Jay-Z in Miami following her show in Trinidad and Jay-Z flew in from the UK for his concert at Bank Atlantic Center and to host an event at LIV nightclub at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

These guys sure know how to live eh!?

Beyonce, Jay Z and Rihanna Walk Out of Mahiki

Sounds like the opening to a bad joke, right? It really happened last night!

Beyonce, Jay Z and Rihanna all left Mahiki in London’s Mayfair last night surrounded by bodyguards.  The trio partied to celebrate the launch of Rihanna’s Rated X album and Beyonce’s sold out show at the O2 arena. Definitely two things worth celebrating! Congrats to both ladies!

Beyonce Performs at Olympic Stadium

Beyonce performed her show live last night at Olympic Stadium. The place was totally packed, and word on the street is that she put on a really amazing show. One thing I can say about Beyonce: you definitely get your money’s worth when you go to one of her concerts. The girl is straight-up talented, and she’ll most certainly have a super long career.

MavrixOnline Exclusive: Beyonce At Cheese Burger Baby!

Believe it or not, Beyonce is just like us…she loves her some burgers! And get this: she even got them herself, instead of sending an assistant or member of her entourage. Who’d have thought?

Beyonce left her luxury beachfront hotel and headed off to Cheese Burger Baby before catching a flight on a private jet. She even made time to sign autographs for some very happy fans, which kind of puts to rest the rumors that she’s a major diva. I mean, divas just don’t do that kind of thing, right? The singer and her traveling companions ordered a 6 pack of baby cheeseburgers, 2 hamburgers and 2 cheeseburgers.

I’ve never heard of Baby Burger before (maybe it’s a Florida thing?), but the joint must be pretty tasty if it attracts such high profile celebs!

Snaps from the 2009 BET Awards

The BET Awards were on last night, and everyone who is anyone was there. I mean, you know your event is legit when Beyonce (has she lost weight? Her legs are amazing!), Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Chaka Khan, Wyclef Jean, Tyra Banks and Ciara all show up.

Speaking of showing up, Janet Jackson and Joe Jackson also went to the event.

Beyonce is Sasha Fierce

Beyonce is on the cover of the new Jet magazine, and in it she talks about her alter ego for the stage, Sasha Fierce. That sounds like the name of the drag queen I spent New Year’s eve with in Baltimore a few years back. Now that was a lady who knew how to entertain.

Anyway, Beyonce is big news right now because there’s all kinds of Oscar buzz surrounding her. Apparently, her role as Etta James in Cadillac Records is pretty flippin’ amazing. I haven’t seen it, so I can’t say either way. Then again, there was the same buzz a few years ago, when Jennifer Hudson rolled into town and stole her thunder.

Cadillac Records Premiere

Last night was the premiere party for Cadillac Records, and Beyonce showed up looking amazing in an unusual dress.  The talented singer has now turned her hand at producing and is the Executive Producer of “Cadillac Records”, a tale of sex, violence, race and rock and roll in 1950’s Chicago. The movie follows the exciting but turbulent lives of some of America’s musical legends, including Muddy Waters, Leonard Chess, Little Walter, Howlin’ Wolf, Chuck Berry and Etta James.

Speaking of pretty people, how gorgeous does Gabrielle Union look? Adrian Brody is fairly hot, too…but then again, he always looks good and very much in love with his fiance, the very lovely Spanish actress Elsa Pataky.

The Stars Come Out to Celebrate TRL

As you’ve probably heard by now, TRL is like, so totally over and stuff. Because the show helped to launch some of the biggest careers in the biz (ahem, Britney Spears), a lot of big names were on hand to say farewell.

Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t make a picture of Beyonce the leader, but I did so for one reason. See if you can spot it.

Give up? Check out the cop behind Beyonce giving her the googley eye! I spit some soy latte on my laptop when I saw that. Dude needs to take some “Professionalism in the Workplace” courses, because I’m pretty sure that’s not how officers of the law are supposed to behave. It may be difficult not to oogle Beyonce’s butt, but that’s not part of the “serve and protect” oath. At least, I don’t think so.

Justin Timberlake, Puff Daddy P. Diddy and 50 Cent also showed up. Will somebody please tell 50 Cent that it’s impossible to look like a thugged-out gangsta when you’re in the TRL studios? There’s nothing straight-up hood about Carson Daly.

Beyonce Makes More Money Than Madge?!

The Metro, a newspaper out of the U.K. that kind of reminds me of USA Today, took the time to tally up every dollar that recording artists made last year, and have composed a top ten list of the highest earners. The results are pretty damn shocking, to tell you the truth. Here’s how everyone ranked, along with how much money they made (in British pounds, because I’m too lazy to do the conversions):

1. Police – £57.5m
2. Beyonce – £43.2m
3. Toby Keith – £24m
4. Justin Timberlake – £22m
5. Madonna – £20m
6. Celine Dion – £20m
7. Rascal Flatts – £20m
8. Van Halen – £17.5m
9. Genesis – £15.5m
10. Gwen Stefani – £13.5m

How did Beyonce make more money than Justin Timberlake and Madonna combined?! Also, the only reason Genesis even made the Top 10 was because Phil Collins is a musical mastermind. Additionally, I’d like to go on record by saying that Van Halen is four times the band that the Police will ever be. Of course, if you have no ear for good music and disagree, you’re more than welcome to tell me your thoughts in the comments section.