dwayne johnson

The Buffalo Club Was Hopping Last Night!

I’ve never heard of The Buffalo Club before (which makes sense, considering I live in Pittsburgh and it’s in L.A.), but apparently it’s quite the celebrity hot spot. Last night, the club held a pre-Critic’s Choice party, and all kinds of famous people showed up: Robert Downey Jr., Colin Farrell, Tommy Lee Jones, Dwayne Johnson, Christian Slater, Julianne Moore, Jason Statham, Hilary Swank and Cuba Gooding, Jr.

That’s quite the impressive guest list!

Snaps from the Planet 51 Premiere

Today was the big premiere of Planet 51 in Hollywood today, and Jessica Biel wasn’t messing around when she hit the red green carpet. How chic does she look?! I love how her sweater is the exact same length as her dress — you know that didn’t happen by accident.

Of course, Jessica wasn’t the only big name that was there. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was also in attendance, as was Ashley Roberts (both of whom looked FAB).