Kate Beckinsale

Gwen Stefani and Kate Beckinsale Have Kids


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I’m always forgetting that famous people like Gwen Stefani and Kate Beckinsale have kids. Then of course, I see pictures like these where Gwen looks like she’s about to explode and I remember. Here are the two families gallivanting around the beach yesterday, celebrating Kingston’s birthday and Memorial Day. While everyone else was BBQing and splashing around in the ocean, I was slaving over a hot MacBook to bring you celebrity gossip.

So, quick question: did anyone else watch the Flavor of Love reunion show last night? He announced that he’ll never do another season, and I’m still going through the grieving process. I’ve already hit the denial, anger and bargaining steps, and now I’ve settled firmly into the depression phase. I think the only thing that can make me feel better is watching I Love Money, which is set to debut any day now. I can’t wait.

Kate Beckinsale Ugly Duckling


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Can you believe that Kate Beckinsale recently said she feels ugly in an interview! Her exact quote was “I was monumentally ugly until I was about 15 so I still have that mindset.” Well Kate, the ugly duckling turned into a swan! Kate looked spectacular on her way in to the David Letterman studio today in NY.

Beckinsale Shopping Trip



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Looks like Christmas shopping season is in full swing for celebs, too! British actress Kate Beckinsale and husband, Underworld director Len Wiseman, got in some shopping yesterday on Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood. The couple stopped into several stores including Lisa Kline and Kitson Kids.

Kate Beckinsale’s Birthday Shopping Trip


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Kate Beckinsale, who turns 34 today, is seen here shopping at Tracey Ross clothing boutique on the Sunset Strip in LA. Still a non-driver, Beckinsale had a driver waiting for her as she browsed the trendy store wearing a pair of “skinny” jeans and some torturous looking high-heeled sandals.

A Perez Hilton reader revealed last week that her camera was recently violated by Kate’s bodyguards at an exclusive resort. After a friend snapped pictures of her own son at the kiddie pool, “a hotel employee sheepishly asked to see her camera…and two of her guards looked through all the pictures on it.” Ms. Beckinsale was apparently sitting at the pool and got paranoid when she noticed the camera aimed in her direction.

She certainly didn’t seem camera-shy for our photographers.