Katie Holmes

Sandler Holmes Jack and Jill

On the world’s largest cruise ship, the Allure of the Seas, Adam Sandler and Katie Holmes wait behind the scenes during a break on the set their new comedy “Jack and Jill”.

In a casual blue maxi dress Katie kept in touch with some texting and Adam looked more like himself in a baseball cap and t-shirt…a far cry from the skirts and dresses he’s been regularity donning to play the character Jill.

Adam and Katie are joined in the promising comedy by an unlikely pair; Al Pacino and Dana Carvey…should be a good one!

Katie Holmes Break on Set with Suri

Enjoying some downtime with daughter Suri, Katie Holmes strolls along the boardwalk of Allure of the Seas during a break from shooting of her new film “Jack and Jill” co-starring Adam Sandler.

Katie did some texting while lounging with her coffee as Suri played about with some other children and later got mom to put up her long hair.

Scenes for “Jack and Jill” are being filmed aboard Royal Caribbean’s new ship Allure of the Seas at port in Fort Lauderdale. The ship is now the world’s largest cruise ship providing a spectacular setting for seafaring vacationers.

National Movie Awards

A bunch of a-listers turned up for the National Movie Awards last night in London. Tom and Katie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Orlando Bloom.

Dashing Tom barely looks a day past his Top Gun era and Katie was rocking a cute striped dress. I wonder if Orlando’s new facial hair is something to do with a movie role?…. he has been cast in The Three Musketeers remake.

Katie Holmes on the Set of Son of No One

It’s must have been take your daughter to work day yesterday, because Katie Holmes brought Suri with her to the set of her new film, Son of No One. That kid is really sprouting up — she looks like she’s already ready for kindergarten!

Katie looked like she was having a great time on the job as she filmed a scene with Channing Tatum during the shoot in New York City.

Katie Holmes Continues her Commitment to Dance

Earlier today, Katie Holmes was at the Dizzy Feet Foundation’s Inaugural Celebration of Dance fundraiser in support of arts education and the dance community at the Kodak Theatre. Katie has been really active in supporting the dance community lately, even going so far as to do a little number on TV a couple of months ago.

I love it when celebrities use their star power for good causes, and Katie is one of the most generous in the biz.

Katie Holmes Needs A Babysitter

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Katie Holmes needs to find herself a babysitter, because I’m tired of seeing pictures of her doing mundane things with Suri. Maybe if she didn’t have the kid to cart around, she’d be doing really interesting things for the photographers, like cartwheels and backflips down the sidewalk. Instead, she hit The Grove shopping center in LA today while (surprise!) carrying Suri. Can’t the kid walk yet?

Actually, I have a confession to make: the only reason I’m suggesting that she hire a sitter is because I want the job. I’ve always had a thing for Tom (it even intensified during that whole couch jumping business — I hate boring guys, and Tom Cruise is definitely the antithesis of dull), and sometimes Hollywood types hook up with their nannies. I could name examples, but I won’t…but I will say that Tiger Woods’ wife was a nanny when he met her — and look at all the cash she’s rolling around in right now. Her car is probably made out of platinum, and I want that.

You know how chinchillas take dust baths? I want to bathe like that too, but in diamonds. And I feel like Tom Cruise is the easiest way to that kind of lifestyle. Now that I think of it, that’s probably why Katie carries Suri the way that she does…so she’ll have an extra set of eyes in the back of her head, to make it harder for me to steal her man.

Katie and Kid Hang Out

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Katie Holmes had a mommy and me lunch date with Suri yesterday in Beverly Hills. The two had lunch at Le Pain Quotidien restaurant, before leaving through the back exit. Katie carried little Suri, who hid her face under her hair as they made their way to the car.

Katie’s so thin and Suri’s getting so big, it’s kind of surprising to see her carrying the kid. I kind of half expected her arms to break or for her to fall over or something, but nothing happened. Still, she’s looking a hell of a lot better than she did when she was living in NYC and doing that All My Sons play on Broadway. Must be the barley water?

Happy Valentine’s Day, Ya’ll!!!

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As you may know, today is Valentine’s Day (or, as my redneck father likes to call it, Valen-Times Day). So, go buy a bunch of roses or chocolates or booze or whatever, but celebrate all day. Even if it’s a party of one, get your party on!

For our part, MavrixOnline is throwing a post party for our favorite couples! From Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to David and Victoria Beckham, every hot couple is invited. And look! They all showed up! We throw the hottest parties.

Tomkat UK Valkyrie Premiere

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were in the UK today for the premiere of Valkyrie, and Katie looked hot! She’d been looking a little haggard lately, but sister turned herself around!

Seriously, she looks amazing. Flawless makeup, perfect hair and the dress is cute too. Even Tom looks great!

Is Katie Holmes Headed to Detox?

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Tonight was Katie Holmes’ last night acting in the Broadway play All My Sons at the Schoenfeld Theatre.  Closing night really couldn’t have come at a better time, because homegirl has been looking a little raggedy lately. And I think she knows it, too.

It’s being reported that Katie is planning on embarking on a Scientology detox. Katie, 30, is a longtime fan of the Clear Body, Clear Mind herbal detoxification plan favored by Scientologists. The plan employs a regime of exercise, sauna sweat-outs, vitamins and minerals to cleanse the body of toxins and includes doses of the vitamin niacin to purify. After balancing motherhood with a six-night-per-week show, Katie is said to be tired and wanting to get back into shape.

I don’t know about this Scientology detox business. I’ve read about Lisa McPherson, and I don’t play with that kind of stuff. I’ll stay happily toxified, thank you very much.

Katie Holmes Snowtime!

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Katie Holmes arrives with daughter Suri at the Schoenfeld Theatre for her second from last nights performance in the Arthur Miller play, All My Sons. Katie and Suri got out of their chauffeur driven SUV, amid snow flurries. Suri was wearing a white coat wrapped up warm from the cold and was carefully carried inside by doting mum Katie carrying  a matching white blanket.

How adorable is that?

Katie Holmes Should be on Designing Women 2.0

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You know what I miss? Designing Women. While some kids were watching Sesame Street growing up, I was watching Supermarket Sweep and Designing Women. What can I say? Early on I discovered that I was a big fan of the Lifetime network.

Looking at this picture of Katie Holmes, I can’t help but think that she was born a few decades too late. She’d have been perfect in Designing Women! Look at that hair! Hell, she could do it now. Why not? The Hollywood types have already remade classics like 90210 and murdered just about every decent horror film to come out of the 80s.

Personally, I see Katie playing the Mary Jo role. She’s no Annie Potts, but I have a feeling she can rock the floral patterns and shoulder pads almost as well. Plus, she’s not beefy enough to play Charlene.

I really shouldn’t speak such evil things. They might come true, and if a Designing Women remake ever actually happened, I’d be forced to boycott TV for the rest of my life.

Katie Holmes Isn’t Looking So Great Lately

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Katie Holmes is only 30-years-old, but she looks like a rundown version of my grandma. Remember when she was in Dawson’s Creek? Every girl I knew wanted to be just like her! Not so much anymore.

Her last performance for All My Sons is January 11th, and that day doesn’t look like it can come soon enough for poor Katie. She has a cold sore on her mouth, an open wound (WTF?!) on her foot and the bags under her eyes are big enough to carry all of the holiday baggage American Airlines is transporting this week. Note to self: never marry Tom Cruise, no matter how rich he may be.

Katie could use a Calgon moment, if you know what I mean. That and some sun. Somebody get sister-friend here back to Los Angeles, STAT!

Since I geniuinely like Katie, I have to say something nice about her in this post. So, uh, I really like her coat. And that scarf goes really well with it.

What Happened to Katie Holmes?

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Remember when Katie Holmes was the cutest girl on TV? Back when she played Joey on Dawson’s Creek and was dating Chris Klein, the sensitive guy in the American Pie movies?

She looks nothing like that any more.

Katie Holmes was in NYC yesterday looking like the Crypt Keeper. I suppose just about anyone would be worn out given what’s on her plate at the moment. She’s the mother to a toddler, the star of a Broadway show and is married to Tom friggin’ Cruise. That’d be a bit much for anyone, I think.

P.S.- Check out that huge diamond ring she’s wearing!!!

Katie Holmes Doesn’t Look Like A Bag Lady

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Katie Holmes, who has been rocking the pegged jeans look lately, left rehearsal the other day looking totally put together. The play she’s in, All My Sons, hasn’t been selling nearly as well as the producers had hoped, especially considering that Katie is headlining.

In fact, just last week it was discovered that the play has a MySpace page, and only had one person signed on as a friend (and it was Tom, so that totally doesn’t even count). Speaking of MySpace, you should friend the MavrixOnline crew! Once a day, I sent out exclusive celeb gossip alerts, which you can’t get unless you’re a friend of ours. So what’re you doing? Get to friending!