Madonna Final Show Of US Tour

mx0163620.jpg MAVRIXPHOTO.COM Alex Rodriguez attends Madonna's show as she performs her usual brand of un-repentant sexuality in concert during the Sticky and Sweet tour final show at Dolphin stadium in Miami, FL. 11/26/08. American Airlines Arena Miami, Florida Byline and/or web usage link must read MAVRIXPHOTO.COM Failure to byline correctly will incur double the agreed fee.

Madonna performs her usual brand of un-repentant sexuality in concert during the final show of her Sticky and Sweet US tour at Dolphin Stadium in Miami.  Guess who was in the audience, A-Rod of course….. The Material Girl looked directly at the New York Yankees slugger as she sang the ballad You Must Love Me, the Oscar-winning song from the film version of Evita.  She also flipped the bird to the audience, or was it to the world?

Madonna’s Best Publicity Stunt in Years

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Madonna certainly knows how to capitalize on a publicity stunt, and this is her best one in years (if not ever). Ryan Seacrest had a pretty sweet exclusive on his KISS-FM radio show yesterday…Both Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake will be performing on stage at her concert at Dodger Stadium tonight! If you’re interested, you can check out the audio here.

I’m sooo psyched for the pictures and stuff to come back from this. Britney’s been looking fantastic lately, and Justin has always been fabulous. I’m keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that Justin and Britney will get back together after all of this. I know it isn’t likely, but a girl can hope, right?

Madonna and Guy Are Officially Over

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The Sun reported last night that Madonna and Guy were on the outs, and it looks like they knew what they were talking about. Liz Rosenberg, Madonna’s rep, has confirmed that the two are getting a divorce after being married for eight years. She added that no settlement has been reached and that the couple want privacy during this trying time.

It’s a sad, sad day when Madonna and Guy are breaking up…I thought for sure the two of them would make it.

Madonna’s Still Got It

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Even though she’s 50 years old, Madonna’s still workin’ what her mother gave her. Her Sticky and Sweet tour is selling out all over the place, and as these pictures prove, she definitely gives her audiences their money’s worth. She deserves her spot atop the Hollywood food chain.

With that said…I’m really kind of over the cowboy hat look.

Eat yer hearts out poptarts!

Madonna is 50 and Fabulous!

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File this under: things that make me feel really, really old. Madonna is 50 years old today! 50! I seriously had to Wiki it to make sure I had the right information. I don’t know what kind of beauty regimen she’s working with, but she looks fantastic for her age.

Mad props and a birthday shout out to Madge!

Is Madonna’s London Pub Pulling a Fast Pint or Two?

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The pub that Madonna and Guy Ritchie own is reportedly being investigated for charging tourists and locals two different prices. Apparently, bar staff were charging people they didn’t recognize higher prices for beer than locals beer prices. Even if these allegations are true (which is up for debate, it could have just been an honest mistake), I don’t know why it’s illegal. What’s the big deal? Can’t businesses charge however much they want for their goods and services?

After I read the article that gets into the details of the allegations, it just made me want to go to the bar even more. I mean, if it’s good enough for Robert DeNiro and Barbara Streisand, it’s good enough for me! As long as I can sit next to Al Pacino (apparently, all of these people visit the bar on the regular), they can charge me whatever they want for a warm glass of crappy British lager.

Madge and Moore AIDS Movie

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Madonna and Michael Moore arrive at the State Theatre in Michigan for the screening of her movie “I Am Because We Are” during the Traverse City Film Festival. The documentary looks at Malawi’s 1 million plus orphans in the wake of the AIDS pandemic. It offers hope and real solutions to the challenges that people face living in extreme poverty. It was written by Madonna and directed by Nathan Rissman.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie Getting Divorced?!


Here’s Madonna and Guy at Cannes, apparently waving goodbye to their marriage. I don’t know why Guy has that look on his face…if it’s true, he’s about to get PAID!

The Times of London, a reputable paper (that means this info isn’t coming from the Weekly World News or something tabloid-ey like that) is reporting that the power couple are totally over.

In fact, they’re saying that Madonna has hired the same legal team that Paul McCartney did. Sir Paul got taken to the cleaners by his ex, so let’s hope Madonna has better luck.

Even more interestingly, it has been reported that Madge and Guy do NOT have a prenup.

Madonna Rules the World


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Note to Sharon Stone: stop standing next to Madonna. When you want to look good, it’s never a good idea to position yourself near the goddess of the universe. I don’t know what Madge does to keep herself all wrinkle free and hot, but she’s gotta be in on something the rest of us don’t know about.

Here she is in Cannes (along with everyone else from Hollywood). Anyone want to tell me who invited Mike Tyson to the event? How the hell does he get invited to the same soirees as Natalie Portman (who, as usual, is flawless and amazing).

Why Not Just Buy The Building?


Madonna expands her real estate holdings by buying another co-op unit in Manhattan’s Central Park West for $7,000,000. Madonna already has an existing 6,000-square-foot duplex in the building. The purchase comes following reports that Madonna is considering moving away from the UK and back to America and rumors of marital problems.

2008 Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame Inductions




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The 2008 Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame Induction Awards were held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City last night. Among the honorees, presenters and attendees were Madonna, Iggy Pop, Justin Timberlake, Joan Jett, Christy Turlington, Ed Burns, Patti LaBelle, Michael J. Fox and Seth Meyers.

During the ceremony, Madonna, who was presented by Justin Timberlake, didn’t worry about whether her career as a pop star and sex symbol qualified her as an important figure in the narrowly defined rock ‘n’ roll genre. In true Madonna style, she presented unquestionable rocker (and fellow Michigan native), Iggy Pop, who, backed by the Stooges, brought down the house with punk rock versions of her hit songs “Burnin’ Up” and “Ray of Light.”

Madonna’s Kids Beverly Hills Outing


blog_lourdes_rocco_bh_08.jpg blog_lourdes_rocco_bh_03.jpg blog_lourdes_rocco_bh_04.jpg

Madonna‘s kids, on a family day out with the bodyguard, visited a medical building today in Beverly Hills. Lourdes, AKA Lola, got in touch with her inner rocker with a pair of knee high socks sporting skulls, while little brother Rocco went for comfort with a pair of blue Crocs.

Girls Night Out



Madonna headed out for dinner and reportedly a little girl’s night gossip with Stella McCartney in London last night. I’m sure the very pregnant Stella, due at the beginning of the year, had quite a bit of dish between ranting about the latest Heather Mills antics and Sir Paul’s new love interest. The two giggled like school girls being naughty as they left the restaurant.

Madonna’s Whopper


It’s reported that Madonna has signed a whopping 10-year deal worth nearly $120 million with concert promoter Live Nation. The 49-year-old icon may be getting older but she’s as hot as ever. The deal gives Live Nation an all-encompassing stake in her business and includes all her future music and music-related businesses including new studio albums, merchandise, website, DVDs, touring, film projects, sponsorship agreements and the exploitation of the Madonna brand.

Madonna’s Still Hitting The Gym


Madonna hit the gym, as usual, today. She was looking a bit tired as she got out of her car to go inside, though. This could be the result of her recent party spree. The 49-year-old Queen of Pop partied into the early hours on Tuesday after attending the GQ Awards. And she was back at it again the next day and then once again on yesterday as she enjoyed dinner with hubby Guy Ritchie at Harry’s restaurant in Mayfair.

Don’t Mess With Madonna


blog_madonna_gym_0726_04.jpg blog_madonna_gym_0726_06.jpg blog_madonna_gym_0726_08.jpg

Madonna, seen here at her seemingly daily gym trip, reportedly had a bit of an argument with a crew member on the set of her husband, Guy Ritchie’s, new film.

The pop superstar, who had taken her two-year-old adopted son, David Banda, to watch Guy’s movie RocknRolla being shot, was infuriated when she overheard two crew members discussing the child.

One of them asked the other what the little boy’s name was, to which the girl reportedly replied: “Lucky B@$&@&d”.

It was reported that Madonna was astonished at what was said and had an exchange of words with the crew member who was later fired by Ritche.