A Stroll With Watts, Schreiber and Son



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Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber and newborn son Alexander Pete took a morning stroll to get some breakfast yesterday. Naomi and Liev held hands as he cradled Alexander in a sling, still walking on a tender, bandaged foot.

The couple, Liev in particular, seemed a bit more reserved on this outing. Last weekend, they became involved in a scuffle with paparazzi in Malibu, Liev reportedly losing his temper and pushing one photographer away.

Reports say the limping Schreiber was carrying the couple’s newborn son into the Greek restaurant Taverna Tony’s when he placed the baby carrier down and one photographer got too close. Schreiber turned around and confronted the photographer, shouting “You [bleep] disgust me. It’s a [bleep] child and I have one [bleep] foot.” The actor then chased away several other photographers before entering the restaurant for lunch. When the couple emerged after their meal, they were again surrounded by paparazzi. This time Watts protested “Are you out of your mind?” as she tried to make way for Liev to place their baby in a waiting car. One photographer then taunted Schreiber saying, “You better sit down before I knock your ass out.”

Sounds to me like he had every right to be disgusted.

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