Anna Kournikova

Enrique Iglesias Married To Anna Kournikova?

So, has it FINALLY happened? Did the sexy singer finally wed the tennis beauty?

Well some people seem to think so. Enrique Iglesias introduced his longtime love Anna Kournikova as “my wife Anna” during a concert in Moscow a couple of days ago.

Reports go on to say that Enrique recently said he and Anna have no immediate plans to start a family. He said, “I love the idea [of being a father], although I don’t think now is the best time. Anna says I’d be a fantastic father, but I reckon it would bean there’d be two kids in the house!”

Well, if it has finally happened, congrats you two!

Y100 Jingle Ball 2010

Always cutely costumed pop singer Katy Perry was definitely the highlight of the evening at Y100’s Jingle Ball 2010!

In front of the packed BankAtlantic Center audience Katy performed and seemed as jolly as could be in her fun Santa Claus outfit, boots and hat.

Crooner Enrique Iglesias also had the crowd energized as he performed with rapper Pitbull and even brought a fan on stage…and got her to grab his bum!  Hope girlfriend Anna Kournikova didn’t mind as she hung out backstage!

Possibly the best dressed of the evening was Kim Kardashian, showing off her ample curves in a Ronald Abdala corset detailed dress…

Lobster Looser

Despite losing the match, Anna Kournikova was all smiles during the St. Louis Aces vs The Boston Lobsters in Boston yesterday.

In other news, Anna’s beau, Enrique has been in the news lately for threatening to jet ski naked…. local police has warned him against doing his as it will result in arrest, but a promise is a promise and that’s what he made when he made a bet on the world cup.

Wonder if that’s why Anna is still smiling despite the loss?

Is Anna Kournikova Pregnant?

Anna Kournikova is in Moscow this week, playing out her role as a goodwill ambassador for Population Services International (PSI), and these are the pics that prove it. Russia, huh. Damn! Is there anywhere our photographers won’t go?

Anyway, let’s cut to the juicy part, shall we? There are all kinds of rumors going around right now that suggest Anna might have caught that pregnancy bug that’s been going around. The babydaddy is said to be Enrique Iglasias (seen here, with his tongue down her throat), of course. Black is slimming and that blazer has been strategically buttoned so that it’s almost impossible to tell if she’s got a baby bump or just a case of bad lighting.

Either way, I guess we’ll know soon enough!

Anna Kournikova Wants You To Play Nice

Anna Kournikova attended the K-Swiss Inaugural Runway Show today, to help kick off the 2009 US Open with the slogan “Play Nice.” She looks great, but that’s nothing new — I’ve never seen her look rundown or haggard, ever. Here’s what I want to know: where the hell was Enrique Iglesias? Last time we saw these two together, they were making out in front if everyone at a tennis match. And now he’s not even with her at a big event like this?

I wonder if they’re taking a break or something?

Anna Kournikova’s Tennis Clinic

If you’ve ever wanted to get tennis lessons from Anna Kournikova, now might be your best shot! Anna is running a tennis clinic as a promotion for the Legendary Night professional tennis event and opening the new tennis center at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona, NY.

I don’t know where Verona is, but I’m sure for some people it doesn’t matter. Half of the guys I knew in college would walk to Verona (from halfway across the country) for a little face time with Kournikova. Probably barefoot and in the snow, uphill both ways. Witout complaining.

Anna Kournikova Runs for Charity

kournikova_mx004052009_1.jpg Please link to

Anna Kournikova competed in the Second Annual Nautica South Beach Triathlon benefitting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital earlier this morning. Kournikova ran to cross the finish line with a time of 1:35.58 (not bad!) and then headed to the KSwiss tent, where she enjoyed healthy carb-filled snacks including fruits and breads. She later posed with her medal and with The Bachelor’s Andy Baldwin and let some young (future) triathletes try on her medal.

How sweet!

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias Play Tongue Tennis

kournikova_iglesias_mx004032009_1.jpg Please link to

Ugh. I am so over this crap! I can never figure out whether Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesais are together or broken up. Hell, at this point they could be married for all I know!

It seems like the two of them are always talking about breaking up (like here, or here), but then they go and do stuff like makeout in public. WTF?

And I have to point out Mr. Creep City, sitting behind the two of them while grinning like an idiot.

Is Anna Kournikova Engaged?!

gt_mx002142009_1.jpg Please link to

Anna Kournikova played in a mixed doubles match on Valentines Day during the 2009 Champions Cup Boston. During the match, Anna wore a huge yellow diamond ring on her engagement finger, fueling reports that she may be engaged to long-time beau Enrique Iglesias.

The pair have dated for seven years and have lived together for over eight months. The couple has neither confirmed or denied an engagement. I don’t know why they’re so secretive, it just makes me want to know even more about them! Remember a few months ago, when Enrique even alluded to a reporter that they were going to break up soon? Why tease us like this?

Other legendary tennis stars playing in the three-day competition include Pete Sampras, John McEnroe and Mats Wilander

Anna Kournikova Does Some Good (Again)

gt_mx0121308_64.jpg Please link to

Anna Kournikova, who is photographed doing charitable things all the time, lent her image to the Boys and Girls Club by attending one of their red carpet events. Everyone brought toys worth at least $20 to gain entry to the party.

Of course, I wouldn’t be a very good celebrity blogger if I didn’t mention that there are rumors floating around that Anna and Enrique are on the outs. During an email interview, Anna reportedly deleted all of the questions pertaining to Enrique and their relationship, and Enrique has been getting tongues wagging by rolling around town like a single guy.

Whether they’re together or not, I can’t say for sure…they’re actually one of my favorite celebrity couples, so I hope they stay together.

Will Anna Kournikova Really Leave Enrique Iglesias?

11308-enrique-iglasias.jpg Please link to *** Local Caption *** ORIGINAL CAPTION - MAVRIXPHOTO.COM Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias take a romantic stroll through Los Angeles, Ca. Anna cuddled up under Enrique's arm as they walked, wearing matching jeans and sunglasses. 4/7/05 Byline and/or web usage link must read "" Failure to byline correctly will incur double the agreed fee.

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova make up one of my favorite famous couples. They’ve been together for a long time now, and they’re not all fame-whorey about it like some other people I could mention (but won’t). So, it came as kind of a surprise to me to read that Enrique had the following to say:

“Life goes by so fast. My 20s were a blur. I want to enjoy the good moments. They could involve marriage and kids, but not yet. My grandfather had a baby when he was 92. Now there was a man who knew how to live!
Anna’s clock may be ticking but I don’t think she’s ready for kids either. We talked about it all one day and she said that she wouldn’t marry me. And she meant it. She said I’m probably just a guy she wants to date for a few years, then she’ll leave me. I’m cool with that.

Obviously I’m with her because she’s my dream woman. But if she left me tomorrow, what am I going to do? She would have no trouble finding the guy she wants to marry.”

Although I’d be more than happy to pick up some of Anna’s sloppy seconds (because, really, he can be my hero any day), I really hope she doesn’t dump him. They’re great together.

A Match Made in Heaven

101308-tennis-aids-benefit.jpg Please link to

Anna Kournikova, Andy Roddick, Elton John, Martina Navratilova, Billie Jean King and other A-Listers had a busy day yesterday. While you were getting drunk and watching football, they were raising around $400,000 for HIV/AIDS charities. Everyone played a little tennis, and there was a live auction that raised almost $200,000. Items up for grabs included Wimbledon packages, Super Bowl tickets and an autographed piano bench.

Conspicuously absent from the auction list was a hot date with Andy. I’m guessing this was done on purpose, because he knows that I would have spared no expense to get up close and personal with him.

As much as I really, really want to hate Anna K., I just can’t. She’s probably the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen, and the only time I ever hear about her is when she’s doing something good (and looking good doing it). She’s just an all-around fantastic role model.

MavrixOnline Exclusive: Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias

anna-kournikova-nassau.jpg MAVRIXPHOTO.COM Exclusive!! Lovebirds Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias leave the Miami work life behind during a break in Nassau. The couple who appeared to be very much together amid recent reports of a split, lunched at a Chinese restaurant before heading off in a chauffer-driven car. Nassau, Bahamas. 7/29/08. All fees must be agreed prior to publication. Byline and/or web usage link must read MAVRIXPHOTO.COM Failure to byline correctly will incur double the agreed fee.

Once again, the Mavrix cameras were around when nobody else was. This time, they nabbed some shots of Anna Kournikova and boyfriend, fiance or is it husband these days, Enrique Iglesias in the Bahamas. It had been reported that they’d broken up, but do couples in Splitsville take vacations in Nassau? I think not. Which is a good thing, because now I don’t have to hide my man away from Anna. You know, because she’s insanely gorgeous and talented and whatnot.

Mad Props and a Birthday Shout Out to Anna Kournikova


Happy belated birthday to Anna Kournikova, who turned 27 yesterday. Unfortunately, I was too busy running errands and being beautiful to post about it. However, it’s still worth mentioning, and I’ll tell you why:

In college, every guy I dated had at least one Anna K. poster up in his dorm room. She’s been in two Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition magazines, has been named one of the most beautiful people on earth by People and is either married to or dating (people still can’t figure it out) Enrique Iglesias. Plus, she’s Russian. Everybody loves Russians.

Anna Kournikova Turns Heads At Chanel


blog_chanel_anna_kournikova18.jpg blog_chanel_anna_kournikova01.jpg blog_chanel_anna_kournikova05.jpg

Looks like Anna Kournikova‘s regular gym sessions have served her well! The Russian tennis beauty turned heads as she arrived at the Chanel Cruise launch at South Beach’s Raleigh Hotel tonight wearing killer heels and a mini skirt that showed off her perfect legs. She was also flying the Chanel flag with a red Chanel clutch bag and flashing a very large diamond ring on her wedding finger.