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The Darjeeling Limited Venice




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Cast members of The Darjeeling Limited turned out at the Venice Film Festival for the screening of the film. In attendance were Adrien Brody, Bill Murray, director Wes Anderson, Jason Schwartzman and Waris Ahluwalia. Noticeably absent from the attendees was Owen Wilson who is reportedly recovering from a recent suicide attempt.

In The Darjeeling Limited, three American brothers who have not spoken to each other in a year set off on a train voyage across India with a plan to find themselves and bond with each other. Their quest, however, veers rapidly off-course and they eventually find themselves stranded alone in the middle of the desert, beginning a new unplanned journey.

European Golf Cart DUI


Reports are in that Bill Murray is facing drunk driving charges after driving through downtown Stockholm, Sweden in a golf cart on Monday and refusing to take a breath test. When police pulled the Rushmore actor over, they noticed that he smelled of alcohol.

“He refused to blow in the (breath test) instrument, citing American legislation,” Detective-Inspector Christer Holmlund said. “So we applied the old method a blood test. It will take 14 days before the results are in.”

Murray signed a document admitting that he drove under the influence and agreed to let a police officer plead guilty for him if the case needs to go to court.

Caddyshack will never die!