Brooke Hogan

Hulk Hogan Loves Women in Cages

Hulk, Jennifer, Nick and Brooke Hogan celebrated the Hulkster’s birthday yesterday by hitting up a PETA event featuring the Women in Cages photo exhibit by famed photographer Jordan Michael Zuniga. Is it just me, or is Brooke looking better than she has in ages? And Jennifer isn’t looking to shabby herself — she’s working that dress like it’s paying her! The event was held in Miami last night, and was fitting considering Hulk’s former profession.

Here’s what I want to know: who made that cake? Hulk’s birthday cake is outdoing the last five wedding cakes I’ve seen — outdone only by that light up cake featured in My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

Hulks Fiance Ring Bling!!

Brooke Hogan and her doppelganger, Jennifer McDaniel, wore nearly matching bikinis yesterday as they lounged poolside at their hotel in South Beach. Jennifer is reportedly now engaged to Brooke’s father, Hulk Hogan, and was wearing a huge diamond ring on her left hand.

Meanwhile, Old Man Frost is blowing down my neck. The weather guy told me that it’s going to be below zero with the windchill tonight, and Brooke is prancing around an outdoor pool in a bikini. Color me jealous!

Brooke Hogan Celebrates her 21st Birthday (Again)

Last weekend, Brooke Hogan celebrated her 21st birthday with her family (sans Linda) at PURE in Las Vegas. Of course, one birthday party is never enough (I tend to celebrate for at least a week, myself), so she headed out to Atlantic City.

Last night, Brooke partied at The Pool at Harrah’s Atlantic City. I’ve never been to AC (I’m more of a Niagara Falls gambler), but from what I can tell by the pictures the place looks pretty sweet. They even made her another birthday cake!

Brooke Hogan Celebrates her 21st Birthday

I know it’s hard to believe, but Brooke Hogan is just now turning 21. To celebrate the greatest birthday ever (I mean, let’s be honest…21 is a lot better than 16), Brooke and her family (sans Linda) partied at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas.

Brooke, Nick, Hulk and Jennifer McDaniel all seemed to have a good time on the red carpet, but the real party didn’t start until everyone was inside.

Happy birthday Brooke! Enjoy your newfound boozing capabilities responsibly!

Brooke Hogan is $tacked!!

Brooke Hogan partied the night away with new boyfriend rapper Stack$. She cheered Stack$ on as he took to the stage at his birthday party at the nightclub ‘Sobe Live’ in Miami’s hip South Beach. The couple then partied until 4am.

Brooke Hogan Performs Live

jb_mx003152009_1.jpg Please link to

Brooke Hogan performed live yesterday during the Calle Ocho Festival in Miami’s Little Havana while her dad, Hulk Hogan, looked on with girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel. After the performance, Brooke took some time to pose with her dad and sign autographs for fans (which was a nice thing to do, considering how tired she must have been).

I’ve never been to a Brooke Hogan concert, mainly because I hate large crowds of people and only listen to music that was made between 1978-2001, but judging by the looks of these pictures it’s a pretty fun event to go to. Look at all those backup dancers! And is that a stripper pole? Perhaps a Carmen Electra Signature stripper pole? One can only hope.

Brooke Hogan is Smart

gt_mx001172009_1.jpg Please link to

While her mom and half of Hollywood are freezing in Park City, Utah this week, Brooke Hogan is rollerblading in short shorts. One of the Mavrix photograhers ran into her as she was gliding down the sidewalk and snapped these exclusive pics. Smart girl! Why go to the mountains, when you can be warm and lounge on the beach?

I think Brooke can teach her mom a thing or two about being a low-key celebrity!

Brooke Hogan is Funky!

100208-brooke-hogan.jpg Please link to

I really, really want to like Brooke Hogan. I feel so bad for her family situation, and she seems like a genuinely nice girl. Recently, she went on some radio show and announced that she didn’t know who the Vice President of the United States is (for the record, she lives in America). After all, not everyone is meant to be a rocket scientist, and there will always be a need for people to bag groceries.

Then, she goes and wears an outfit like this to the Funkshion: Fashion Week in Miami Beach last night and totally redeems herself. Those pants make her lower half look really toned, her stomach is totally flat and it’s the perfect 80s throwback outfit to wear to a fashion event with the word “funk” in it. Love it! You go, Brooke Hogan!

Brooke Hogan is Surprisingly Hot

81608-brooke-hogan.jpg Please link to

I always forget how hot Brooke Hogan is, until I see pictures of her wearing next to nothing. Other people in the blogosphere are always making her out to be some kind of wild looking she-beast, but I think she’s pretty damn attractive. The Mavrix cameras caught up with her as she was leaving the gym, when she ran into a puppy and stopped to play with it.

Here’s how I know that I watch too much VH1: I totally recognized that dude she’s with from her TV series Brooke Knows Best. If I’m not mistaken, that’s her homolicious roommate. I don’t know whether to pat myself on the back for knowing that or go play in traffic to put myself out of my misery.

Brooke Hogan Bikini Hot

blog_brooke_pool_02.jpg Please link to

Well, aren’t we just bringing you all of the exclusive shots you’ve ever dreamed of this weekend? This time, it’s Brooke Hogan, showing off why she deserves that spot in Playboy that has been offered to her, she looks amazing in a bikini!!.   A quick update on that situation: we still have no word whether she will or will not pose naked for the magazine…she’s reportedly still considering it.

Brooke Hogan To Do Playboy?

blog_mx0139083.jpg MAVRIXPHOTO.COM Exclusive!! Brooke Hogan looks amazing after a five hour flight from Miami to LA. The "Brooke Knows Best" star flew in after spending some down time in Miami following the premiere of her new reality show spinoff from the popular "Hogan Knows Best". Los Angeles, CA 7/20/08 All fees must be agreed prior to publication. Byline and/or web usage link must read MAVRIXPHOTO.COM Failure to byline correctly will incur double the agreed fee.

Brooke Hogan has been approached by the people at Playboy to do a photo spread. And by photo spread, I mean they want her to get naked and show us what she’s workin’ with. Apparently, she’s actually thinking about doing it, because her rep said that “no decision has been made at this time.

I find it hard to believe that at this point Brooke would strip down for everyone to see. She’s got one of the most successful reality TV shows that Vh1 has in its lineup, and although her debut album didn’t exactly fly out of stores, she’s currently riding the fame wave that goes along with being one of the sanest members of the Hogan family.

What do you think? Do you think Brooke will do it? If so, would you buy a copy?

Brooke Hogan is Poolside


blog_MX0137157.jpg blog_MX0137138.jpg blog_MX0137164.jpg

blog_MX0137143.jpg blog_MX0137152.jpg blog_MX0137156.jpg

Brooke Hogan was hanging out by the pool earlier looking pretty damn hot and in these pictures she doesn’t look manly at all. I get kind of pissed that other bloggers and people in the media give her a hard time for being tall. It’s as if having a crazy mom and brother in jail to boot isn’t enough punishment or something.

Anyway…is anyone watching her new reality show on VH1? I haven’t had a chance to catch it yet. If so, what’re your thoughts?

MavrixOnline Exclusive: Brooke Hogan’s Sexy Performance


blog_MX0136980.jpg blog_MX0137009.jpg blog_MX0137022.jpg

blog_MX0137026.jpg blog_MX0137031.jpg blog_MX0137041.jpg

So I just got back from camping, and apparently while I was gone Brooke Hogan decided to go and make herself a sex symbol. What the hell kind of shorts are those? I’ve seen dental floss provide more coverage!

Anyway, Brooke’s new reality show seems to be hitting the ground running, because she’s been followed everywhere lately. And you know what? Good for her! She’s the best Hogan around, and she’s worked hard to be where she’s at today. Did you see the episodes of Hogan Knows Best when she went on a diet? Cause I did. I watched it while housing an entire box of Oreos.

Mmmmm. Oreos.

Does Brook Hogan Really Know Best?


blog_brooke_hogan_premiere13.jpg blog_brooke_hogan_premiere11.jpg blog_brooke_hogan_premiere17.jpg

Brooke Hogan, joined by Ashley Menendez and Glenn Douglas Packard, looked pretty darned stunning last night at Mansion night club in Miami Beach where the premiere party for her new VH1 reality show “Brooke Knows Best” was held. I’m sure Hulk is proud of her but, I wonder how he feels that he’s no longer the one that knows best?

Brooke Hogan Car Crash Drama




Brooke Hogan was in a car accident today in Clearwater, Florida, and credits her seatbelt to saving her life. Early reports are saying that a car hit Brooke’s white Mercedes, which in turn hit another car. While there doesn’t seem to be any serious injuries, the wreck did block several lanes of traffic.

I’m really happy that everyone is okay, though I have to say I haven’t been too impressed with the Hogan family lately. First, Nick caused a car accident that put John Graziano in a persistent vegetative state. Then, Hulk and Linda got divorced and Hulk started slutting around with one of Brooke’s friends. Now, with the jail audio tapes released, I’ve had about too much Hogan to handle.

That said, Brooke seems to be an innocent in the family, and it’s sad that she has to add this to her already-awful year. Best wishes go out to her…and as a reminder: always wear your seatbelt!

Hard Days Work


blog_brooke_hogan_kiteboard_04.jpg blog_brooke_hogan_kiteboard_11.jpg blog_brooke_hogan_kiteboard_14.jpg

It’s a hard days work for poor Brooke Hogan, she looked positively pooped after all that acting for the Hogan Knows Best reality show. The aspiring singer ended to day with some Kiteboarding and then flopped on a lounger for nap time.

Brooke Hogan Goes It Alone



blog03.jpg blog04.jpg blog05.jpg

We got some exclusive shots of Brooke Hogan filming the 5th series of the VH1 hit show “Hogan Knows Best” on Miami Beach today. The previous episodes featured the whole Hogan family but since Hulk Hogan and his wife Linda are reportedly in the midst of a divorce…….the new show, we hear, will now mainly focus on Hulk’s 19 year old daughter. The aspiring singer is currently working on a new album and recent accounts are that she is going through a tough time, especially since word broke that pappa Hogan may of had an affair with one of her friends, 33 year old Christiane Plante. Brooke is also set to appear in ABC’s new reality competition America’s Prom Queen, which is set to premiere in the spring.

Run, Brooke, Run!



blog_brooke_hogan_jogging_14.jpg blog_brooke_hogan_jogging_08.jpg blog_brooke_hogan_jogging_11.jpg blog_brooke_hogan_jogging_15.jpg blog_brooke_hogan_jogging_17.jpg blog_brooke_hogan_jogging_18.jpg

Brooke Hogan went for a jog with a friend on Miami Beach’s fashionable Lincoln Road last week. During the run, the pair stopped in at Starbucks for an icy treat. But, as soon as they spotted our snappers, they called their driver to pick them up.

Brooke is reportedly looking to move out of the Hogan home in Clearwater amdist further reports of her parents, Hulk and Linda Hogan’s, imminent divorce and her brother Nick’s trouble with the law after a horrible car accident that left a friend brain dead.

Barely Brooke



Has Brooke Hogan succumbed to the pressures of young Hollywood’s facial modification trends? Brooke seems barely recognizable in these photos taken just six months apart.