Papa Roach





Wildman Steve-O as ever, extremely careful to be discreet about his drug use, gets well relaxed to make sure he is totally impartial as the referee in  the DIRECTV Celebrity Beach Bowl Presented by SPIKE TV in Miami, Fl.

Insta-Family Club


Looks like Jennifer Aniston is going to join the insta-family club. Aniston is hoping to adopt two children in the near future according to reports but unlike her ex Brad Pitt, she is hoping to adopt the children locally in Los Angeles. The actress will legally adopt two newborn babies and wants at least one of them to be a girl.

Mickey Rourke…Sick Puppy




Mickey Rourke leads a rally outside Hot Dog Puppies in South Beach, Fl. The actor was protesting the pet store whom he alleges are selling sick puppies. Rourke reportedly bought a puppy for his friend John “JP” Parlavecchio from the store at Christmas, unfortunately, “Chich” soon fell ill just a few days after Parlavecchio received him. The dog had come down with a common airborne virus that puppies sometimes get called Parvo, which eventually led to the dog’s death. 2/1/07