Colin Farrell

2014 Palm Springs International Film Festival

The Palm Springs International Film Festival Award Gala marks the beginning of the 2014 Award Season. Walking on the Cartier sponsored red carpet looking dashing was Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Matthew McConaughey with is lovely wife Camila Alves, Sandra Bullock, ‘U2‘s’ Bono with The Edge, Tom Hanks, Amy Adams, Colin Farrell, Meryl Streep, Ewan McGregor and other celebrities.

As the 2014 Award Season kicks off we look forward to seeing these and other stars wearing their red carpet best.

Saving Mr Banks LA Premiere

Among the celebrities at the premiere of “Saving Mr Banks” at Walt Disney Studios last night were Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Emma Thompson, Colin Farrell, Paul Giamatti, BJ Novak and Jason Schwartzman as well as some of the stars of the original “Mary Poppins” film including Julie Andrews, who played the title role.

Celebs A-Plenty Attend Joel Silver Memorial Day Party

It was an A-list event for A-list celebrities today at the home of Joel Silver in Malibu. Among the guests at Silver’s annual Memorial Day party were Gwen Stefani with husband Gavin Rossdale and kids Kingston and Zuma, Sean Penn, Colin Farrell and a new female friend, “The Great Gatsby” star Tobey Maguire, Rob Lowe and Kate Beckinsale with husband Len Wiseman.

Colin Farrell and Russell Crowe Film Winter’s Tale

Dressed in full western gear, actors Colin Farrell and Russell Crowe filmed scenes yesterday for the new movie “Winter’s Tale,” which is set in the 19th Century and present-day Manhattan and tells a fantasy story about a thief, a dying girl, and a flying white horse. The movie is due for release in 2013.

Colin Farrell Bad Boy Yoga

Colin Farrell shows off his tattoos in a grey tie-dyed t shirt with the sleeves pulled up as he leaves a yoga class in Los Angeles. Farrell, who is currently starring in “Total Recall,” reportedly said recently that his sons are his priority now, saying “I’ve become wiser and more mature with the years. My bad boy days are definitely over. You learn from your mistakes.” He may have changed his ways, but he still looks like a bad boy to me…and that’s a very good thing!

Total Recall Premiere In LA With Jessica Biel And Kate Beckinsale

Jessica Biel, bride to be, flashes her mega-watt smile at the red carpet LA premiere of Total Recall.

Alongside Kate Beckinsale, Colin Farrell and Sophia Bush, Jessica stole the show in a pretty pink gown reminiscent of old Hollywood Glamor. Biel recently dished during an interview that she’s done absolutely nothing to prepare for her nuptials with Justin Timberlake and is quite happy with the status quo of being engaged.

The movie… well let’s talk about that a little, a blend f sci-fi and enough action to keep you on the edge of your seat, this remake (while all set on earth this time) sticks pretty much to the original story line and most reviews say that Colin did a fine job. I haven’t seen it yet but the trailer looks pretty cool. Check it out HERE.


Colin Farrell Dodges Photographers Taking Refuge In A Jalopy

Former bad boy and actor Colin Farrell played hide and go seek with photographers while exiting a neighborhoodie cafe in Los Angeles.

The “In Bruges” actor wore a denim shirt, black pants, glasses and fedora that had an overall, undercover vibe.

When his meal was over, Farrell grasped onto a book and jet outside the cafe and towards the car of a friend in an attempt to avoid photographers.

The car in question was dirty and covered with scratches and the passenger side mirror was hanging on by only zip ties.  Only in Los Angeles will you see an A-list actor disappear into a car like that.

Colin Farrell Madrid

Irish hottie Colin Farrell was playing it cool this afternoon while in Madrid at the photo call for his latest flick The Way Back in which he plays a Russian criminal who escapes from a Siberian gulag in the 1940s…a character he’s reportedly said has been his least favorite to date.

Although judging by his coy smile it seems Colin has let go of his character and is enjoying his promotional tour!

Colin, who will reportedly spend this Christmas in Ireland with his mom Rita sans his two sons James and Henry, was joined at the photo call by director Peter Weir and co-stars Ed Harris, Jim Sturgess and Saoirse Ronan.

Colin Farrell Leaves LA

Colin Farrell caught a flight out of LAX yesterday, and it looks like he was doing his best Johnny Depp impersonation through the airport. Seriously, if you squint your eyes a little and jump up and down, you can’t tell the two of them apart. Maybe it’s the facial hair?

The Buffalo Club Was Hopping Last Night!

I’ve never heard of The Buffalo Club before (which makes sense, considering I live in Pittsburgh and it’s in L.A.), but apparently it’s quite the celebrity hot spot. Last night, the club held a pre-Critic’s Choice party, and all kinds of famous people showed up: Robert Downey Jr., Colin Farrell, Tommy Lee Jones, Dwayne Johnson, Christian Slater, Julianne Moore, Jason Statham, Hilary Swank and Cuba Gooding, Jr.

That’s quite the impressive guest list!

Colin Farrell Takes his Hotness to Mexico

Colin Farrell and his girlfriend, Alicja Bachleda, took a break from parent duty today to enjoy some time together at their exclusive hotel in Mexico.  At one point, Farrell caught some sun on his balcony while peering through a pair of binoculars and wearing his trademark felt hat.  And it’s official, I’ve never wanted to be in Mexico more in my life!

The couple welcomed their son, Henry Tadeusz Farrell, on Oct. 7 in Los Angeles.  Henry is the first child for Bachleda and the second for Farrell, who has a 6 year old son, James, with model Kim Bordenave.

In Case You Forgot, Colin Farrell is Hot

102908-colin-farrell.jpg Please link to

Colin Farrell was at the Rome Film Festival yesterday to present Pride and Glory, and let me tell you: he can be my pride and glory any day. Sure, it looks like it’s been a few months since he’s washed cut his hair, but maybe he’s doing it for a movie role. Or, you know, maybe he’s just kind of lazy.

I don’t know what it is about him, but he can seriously do no wrong. His eyebrows look like two fuzzy caterpillars yelling at each other, but I couldn’t care less. Love him!

Colin Farrell Family Man


It’s been reported that former wild man Colin Farrel, seen here chatting with his sister, Claudine, as they were leaving their NYC hotel yesterday, recently spoke out about his son’s battle with the rare condition, Angelman Syndrome, a form of cerebral palsy. He chose to speak out in the hope that it will give inspiration to other parents. He said, “With my son the only time I’m reminded that there is something different about him – that he has some deviation of what is perceived to be normal – is when I see him with other four-year-olds. Then I go, ‘Oh yeah’, and it comes back to me. But from day one I felt that he’s the way he’s meant to be.”

Colin feels incredibly blessed to have his son in his life and says “There is no heartbreak about it, it’s not a sad story. I’m incredibly blessed to have him in my life.”

Colin Farrell Superdad


blog_MX0032073.jpg blog_MX0032060.jpg blog_MX0032074.jpg

Hearthrob, Irish actor Colin Farrell has reportedly spoken for the first time about the difficulties faced with his son James who suffers from a rare form of cerebral palsy known as Angelman Syndrome, which affects his speech and motor skills. Farrell says that he is “incredibly blessed to have him in my life” and told of his joy when James recently took his first steps. He said that his son had shown “amazing courage” in the first four years of his life and that he is an “incredibly happy boy” despite his condition. The Miami Vice and Phone Booth star said that James has “enriched” his life “incredibly and is determined to make sure his son grows up happy and healthy”. He says, “I think it’s like any parent. What I want to do for my son is just to make sure that he has the opportunity to reach his individual potential. And that he’s happy as can be. I’ll do whatever I can do, stay in his way, get out of his way, to see that that’s realized. That’s what it’s all about.” Respect to you Colin!!