Criss Angel

Repo Premiere Pics

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Last night was the screening of Repo! The Genetic Opera in Vegas, and two power couples were in attendance. Let’s start with Paris Hilton and Benji Madden, shall we? Paris is just TMTH (too much to handle) from head to toe. Benji is looking fairly hot, though.

I don’t have anything snarky to say about Holly, though I do wish she’d ditch the pigtail look. She’s not at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch Playboy Mansion anymore. I do enjoy the Holly/Criss couple…they’re cute together in a weird and unexpected way. It works for me, what can I say?

Criss Angel and Holly Madison…Official Couple?

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Criss Angel has a new show in Vegas, and last night there was some big red carpet event to celebrate it. Anyway, that’s not the interesting part of the story…his date was Holly Madison!

There have been lots of rumors floating around that the two of them are an item, many of which started while she was still officially linked to Hef. There may be some truth to them after all!

Personally, I think they make a way cuter couple. I don’t know if Criss is as rich as Hugh Hefner is, but I’m sure he’s pretty loaded. I’d say it’s an upgrade, for sure!

Spike TV Video Gaming Awards



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Tia Carrere, Kristen Bell, Criss Angel, Dave Navarro, The Foo Fighters, Tony Hawk and Chingy were among the attendees of the Spike TV Gaming Awards hosted by Samuel L. Jackson at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. The awards are the preeminent celebration of achievement in the gaming world honoring accomplishments within the video game community.

Company American Bistro Grand Opening


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Nicky Hilton, Nick Lachey and Wilmer Valderrama host the opening of Company American Bistro adjacent to the LAX nightclub at the Luxor Las Vegas. Criss Angel also attended and stopped to say hello to fans on his way in.

The new restaurant boasts a rustic feel in a chic organic environment while offering diners contemporary twists on classic American entrees.

Spike TV Scream Awards




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Among the celebs attending the 2007 Spike TV Scream awards were Paris Hilton and Darren Lynn, Kristen Bell, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Ozzy and Jack Osbourne, Slash, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Criss Angel, Alice Cooper and Casper Van Dien.

The Scream Awards, which celebrate people getting the crap scared out of them, are appropriately scheduled to air just before Halloween on October 23. Check your local listings.

Tommy Lee vs. Kid Rock


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Bad boy rocker Tommy Lee turned up on the red carpet at LAX with Criss Angel and the possible early signs of a black eye after his alleged fight with Kid Rock at the MTV VMA Awards in Las Vegas last night. Lee was escorted out of the auditorium after getting into the altercation with his rival. Apparently MTV security had to break them up. Both men are former husbands of Baywatch Babe Pamela Anderson. The ongoing feud led police to question Kid Rock in his hotel room after the scuffle.

Criss Visits Brit


Criss Angel left Britney Spears’ luxury suite at the Palms hotel after an hour-long visit yesterda which followed a rehearsal for the MTV VMA’s. Britney had earlier gone to her suite surrounded by security and holding hands with Angel. The magician left her room sucking on a lollipop, probably a parting gift from Brit.