Daisy Fuentes

Mind, Body, Spirit Superstar


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Daisy Fuentes is looking hotter than ever on Miami Beach this week. The hot, hot, HOT actress and model was recently named Fitness magazine’s first-ever Mind, Body, Spirit Superstar. She credits Jennifer Lopez and her Latina curves for the title. Fuentes says she never stood a chance of becoming a cover girl on mainstream magazines until J-Lo persuaded editors and stylists that curves are beautiful. She tells the magazine, “It takes someone as confident as Jennifer Lopez to turn a body part that’s often considered a flaw into something hot.”

Daisy Fuentes In the Sweatshop?


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Daisy Fuentes relaxed on Miami Beach with friends and family just days before being targeted for sweatshop labor. The model and actress has reportedly been using Guatemalan sweatshop labor to manufacture her clothing line that includes sleepwear, shoes and clothing.

The line is carried exclusively by Kohl’s department stores. The company began to remove some lines of Daisy’s brand following the allegations. A spokesperson for Kohl’s said the company does not oversee the clothing line’s production.