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It’s A Carmen Electra Post!!!

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It’s been well documented that I absolutely adore Carmen Electra and her line of high quality stripper poles and accessories. So you’d think that I’d be posting about her four times a day, but that just isn’t the case. We don’t get that many high quality pictures of the beautiful Hollywood sprite known as Carmen. Last night we did, though. It’s like a late Christmas present!

Carmen and Fergie hosted last night’s festivities at the Venetian in Vegas. Even David Spade showed up! I love that guy.

DIRECTV Celebrity Beach Bowl



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Some unlikely football stars emerged today at the DIRECTV Celebrity Beach Bowl. Players included Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, Kendra Wilkinson, Brody Jenner, David Spade, Stacy Keibler and Frankie Delgado. In the stands, Ashlee Simpson cheered on her boyfriend Wentz while Kim Kardashian supported her step-brother Brody.

Part of the Super Bowl festivities, the second-annual Beach Bowl pitted NFL all-stars against Hollywood’s hottest in a wild flag football game. The event benefited the Matt Leinart Foundation and featured performances by Fall Out Boy and Josh Kelly.

Superbad Premiere


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Rumer Willis, David Spade, Janice Dickinson, Seth Rogan, Emma Stone, Jonah Hill and Michael Sera, among others attended the Hollywood premiere of Superbad Monday night.

A raunchier, funnier modern-day Revenge of the Nerds, Superbad follows the exploits of a trio of high school seniors who plot to score some alcohol for a party so they can land some girls and be experienced ladies’ men by the time they enter college in the fall.

Superbad is due to hit theaters on August 17.

How Does He Do It?


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David Spade and a brunette beauty spent the day at the beach outside his home in Malibu today. Spade was spotted earlier this week with a beautiful blonde on a dinner date……I’m just asking, how does he do it? The buxom brunette lounged on the sand in a black bikini but David opted to stay fully clothed.

Hyde Is Hoppin’!






Who parties at the West Hollywood nightclub Hyde? Everyone, that’s who! Recently, we saw Amanda Bynes, David Spade, socialite Kim Kardashian, Sarah Silverman, Tyrese and David Spade. You just never know who you’ll run into at this hot Hollywood club!