Gordon Ramsay

David Beckham’s Beach Day With…Gordon Ramsay?

David Beckham celebrated Saturday’s LA Galaxy victory with the Malibu beach, his children and good friend Gordon Ramsay. When you picture Beckham frolicking shirtless on the beach in Malibu, the next thing that comes to mind isn’t exactly the British guy I watch yell a lot on Hell’s Kitchen. Yet there he is, standing on Beckham’s shoulders like a rowdy woodsprite.

Nevermind. Upon further inspection, I now see that it’s probably Beckham’s son standing on his shoulders. Suddenly, this post makes a lot more sense. I haven’t been this embarrassed since the great Octomom celebrity boxing match sell out debate. Apparently, she might not have been as popular as some people would have you believe.

Is Gordon Ramsay A Cheater?

112408-chef-gordon.jpg Please link to www.mavrixonline.com *** Local Caption *** ORIGINAL CAPTION - MAVRIXPHOTO.COM Gordon Ramsay attends the opening of his restaurant Gordon Ramsay at The London in the London Hotel. West Hollywood, CA. 6/4/08. Byline and/or web usage link must read MAVRIXPHOTO.COM Failure to byline correctly will incur double the agreed fee.

According to the News of the World, chef Gordon Ramsay cooked up an affair with a woman named Sarah Symonds. Apparently, it’s been going on since 2001. This is surprising, considering the fact that he’s been married to his wife Tana for 12 years (the couple has four kids, too).

Still, that’s not the juicy part. Turns out, Sarah Symonds is an author! The book she wrote is called Having an Affair? A Handbook for the Other Woman. On top of that, Gordon was recently named Celebrity Father of the Year. Guess he’s not shooting for a repeat in 2009, is he?

I have to hand it to Chef Gordon…he (allegedly) didn’t mess around with just any third rate hobag, he went straight for the one who wrote the book on it!