Hugh Grant

Celeb News Is Hot Property!

Thanks in large part to the continually booming popularity of reality television, celebrity news has become one of the most commonly enjoyed aspects of television. Whether you simply rely on basic cable or a more expansive satellite tv package, chances are you have at some point or other tuned into a program designed to bring you the latest in celebrity gossip and rumors. It makes plenty of sense ‚ through movies, music, advertisements, and many other things, we are essentially taught that celebrities represent, in some sense of the word, ideals that we ought to aspire to. For this reason, it can be both fun and informative to keep up on the lives of our favorite celebrities. So, with that in mind, here are a few words on some of the hottest recent celebrity headlines.

Larry King, the popular TV host and anchor, has recently made some rather strange headlines by proclaiming his plans for his own body following his eventual death. While King seems very healthy at 87, and will hopefully have many years ahead of him, it seems that he has given his own burial some thought, and recently announced that he would like to have his body frozen. A bit creepy, but interesting!

Hugh Grant has been in headlines lately for his ongoing fight against the paparazzi and its relentless harassment of celebrity types. Grant has fought this fight before, and has now brought his arguments before the British Parliament in an attempt to earn more privacy for himself and those of his celebrity status.

Johnny Depp has made some interesting highlights lately for his strange decision to participate in the song , ‘Jesus Stag Night’‚ by a band called Babybird. The song essentially pokes fun at the Jesus side of Christmas ‚ and, predictably, Depp has earned himself some very harsh criticism from various Christian groups, following his involvement.

Angelina Jolie has also earned some criticism of late, and it will be interesting to see where this story goes. For some time now it has been known that the popular actress is planning her directorial debut in a film called ‚In The Land Of Blood And Honey, and now she is being accused of stealing the plot for the film from a book called The Subject Work. Obviously, this is a very serious allegation against Jolie, and ‚ perhaps more importantly to some fans ‚ it may even jeopardize the status of the film, depending on whether or not any actual legal action is taken.

Snaps from the 2010 Laureus World Sports Awards

The 2010 Laureus World Sports Awards were held last night in Dubai, and a ton of A-list celebrities were in attendance. It must’ve been a pretty big event, for so many celebs to take the time out of their schedule to fly so far.  The winner of the Mavrix Best Dressed Award goes to Gwenyth Paltrow — that dress looks like it was sewn on her body!

Hugh Grant, Boris Becker, Michelle Rodriguez and Kevin Spacey were also there and looking fly (yes, yes I did just use the word “fly”. 1998 called, and told me it was okay.)

Hugh Grant Goes on Letterman

The adorable Hugh Grant went on The Late Show with David Letterman last night, to promote Did You Hear About the Morgans? before heading off to the Ziegfeld Theatre for the big premiere.

Talking about things you hear about….. besides the Morgans…… did you hear about Hugh’s drunken Andy Warhol purchase that only recently came to light? Hugh said he bought the Elizabeth Taylor portrait while under the influence for $3.2 million in 2001 and sold the painting in 2007, six years later, for $20.8 million. Wonder if that’s more than he gets for doing a movie?

Did You Hear About the Morgans?

No, it’s not a question that I’m asking you — it’s the name of Sarah Jessica Parker’s new movie. The big premiere of Did You Hear About the Morgans was held today at the Odeon Leicester Square in London.

Is it just me, or do Hugh Grant and SJP look really cute together? I love Matthew Broderick, but if things don’t work out between the two of them, SJP should definitely seek refuge in Hugh’s arms. I can see why they were cast together in this movie!

Grant Helps Save Wilton’s


Hugh Grant reportedly jetted across the pond from the US to help with a campaign to save the world’s oldest grand music hall. Grant joined a host of celebrities at a bash to give support to the renovation of East London’s 150-year-old Wilton’s Music Hall. The hall opened in 1858 and has been home to performances from an incredible number of stars in its lifetime. But the impressive building, described as the “Handsomest Room in Town,” has been neglected for years and is now a “semi-derelict” shell that is well on its way to even further deterioration. Supporters are worried that the hall will be unusable within three years and have begun the process of raising the millions of dollars needed to restore it to its former glory.

Hugh Grant Dukes It Out


Hugh Grant may be British but he showed no signs of royal class when he allegedly lobbed a can of baked beans at a photographer yesterday, near his London home.  The photographer said to Grant, “Give us a
smile please'” and he just looked really angry. I walked backwards and
he walked after me. He was effing and blinding at me and then he just
started kicking me. He kicked me hard about three or four times and
then he kneed me in the groin.  He asked me if I had a girlfriend or any kids and I said I had two. He said “I hope they die of f**king cancer”.
Not very nice Hugh, where is your charm?

Bed Head




Hugh Grant arrives in Los Angeles following a long haul flight from London with a serious case of bed head. Looks like Hugh was in need of a comb.