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Kim Kardashian Celebrates Birthday at LIV Halloween Bash

Dressed as ‘Cat Woman’ Kim Kardashian hosted her Halloween Birthday Bash at LIV at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach  last night. Joining Kim’s “Batman” crew was Kayne West as ‘Batman,’ Kourtney Kardashian as ‘Batgirl,’ Scott Disick as ‘Robin’ and Jonathan Cheban as the ‘Riddler.’ Kim, who turned 32 on October 21, arrived in a shiny gold Lamborghini at the event. Hulk Hogan also attended the event wearing a much simpler costume consisting of a red sleeveless t shirt and jeans paired with a red hat and yellow-and-red feather boa.

Hulk Hogan Debuts New Clearwater Mansion With New Wife Jennifer

Hulk Hogan recently downsized his life by selling his huge Belleair mansion for a much more modest Clearwater, Florida estate that will suit him and his new wife, Jennifer.

The European styled home which is a third of the size of his former, came with 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms and has a self-cleaning salt system pool with life changing views of the sugar sand and Gulf.

Additionally, the swanky estate features a wet bar, state of the art media room, equipped with a sound system and 50″ television, as well as a gourmet kitchen, a stunning great-room with a 1000 bottle wine cellar.

It is clearly a home fit for one of the kings of wrestling!

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Hulk Hogan Loves Women in Cages

Hulk, Jennifer, Nick and Brooke Hogan celebrated the Hulkster’s birthday yesterday by hitting up a PETA event featuring the Women in Cages photo exhibit by famed photographer Jordan Michael Zuniga. Is it just me, or is Brooke looking better than she has in ages? And Jennifer isn’t looking to shabby herself — she’s working that dress like it’s paying her! The event was held in Miami last night, and was fitting considering Hulk’s former profession.

Here’s what I want to know: who made that cake? Hulk’s birthday cake is outdoing the last five wedding cakes I’ve seen — outdone only by that light up cake featured in My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

Brooke Hogan Celebrates her 21st Birthday

I know it’s hard to believe, but Brooke Hogan is just now turning 21. To celebrate the greatest birthday ever (I mean, let’s be honest…21 is a lot better than 16), Brooke and her family (sans Linda) partied at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas.

Brooke, Nick, Hulk and Jennifer McDaniel all seemed to have a good time on the red carpet, but the real party didn’t start until everyone was inside.

Happy birthday Brooke! Enjoy your newfound boozing capabilities responsibly!

MavrixOnline Exclusive: Hulk Hogan

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Earlier today, our cameras caught up with Hulk Hogan, who is finally off of his crutches and back to lugging his own suitcase around as he walks through the airport. It’s good to see him off of the walking sticks, I was beginning to think he was going to have to use them forever!

The Hulkster is said to be writing his second autobiography, entitled My Life Outside The Ring. With his recent divorce drama, is son’s legal troubles and his daughter’s TV and music career, there will probably be a lot to write about!

On an unrelated note, it looks as though upper arm is bigger than my thigh!

The Hulkster is on Crutches

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Hulk Hogan recently had back surgery, and he’s still on crutches (despite saying that he’s getting better). He was out and about with his girlfriend, Jennifer McDaniel, and the two were headed to Calle Ocho.

Feel better soon, Hulk! You’re going to need all of your strength to fight Linda in court!

The Hogans Catch the Halloween Spirit

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Yesterday I went to Sam’s Club and saw that they had several huge Christmas trees on display. This can only mean one thing…Halloween is right around the corner! Linda Hogan decorated her house for the holiday, and the place looks pretty spiffy.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s going on with her and Hulk: they’re currently duking it out in pretty nasty divorce proceedings. One of their old friends, radio host Bubba the Love Sponge, has taken Hulk’s side. Apparently, Linda got back at him by putting up some Bubba-themed Halloween decorations (which have since been taken down). Bubba’s fans (they call themselves the Bubba Army) decided to get back by sneaking a tombstone on her property, which can be seen in one of the thumbnails. In case your eyes are bad, it reads:

“R.I.P.- Divorced her spouse and took her house. Never had a job Boy what a slob. Took all hulks cash Died in a clown car crash. BUBBA ARMY”

I’m guessing the Bubba Army aren’t too good with the grammar, but the rhyming is pretty solid.

In other Hogan news, Nick gets out of jail tomorrow! Expect to see lots of photos and a statement about how he’s ready to put this all behind him and turn his life around. As always, I’ll post as soon as it all goes down.

Happy Birthday Hulk Hogan!

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File this under: I can’t believe this is true. Hulk Hogan turned 55 years old today! I seriously thought the guy was in his 40s. Anyway, happy birthday to the Hulkster…hopefully his troubles with Linda will clear up before this time next year.

Hogan Divorce


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Hulk Hogan’s wife of two decades, Linda, has reportedly filed for divorce. According to the Pinellas County Court, Linda Marie Bollea filed for divorce on Tuesday, November 20 against Terry Gene Bollea. Reports of the Hogan split first sprung up last April. This is coupled with son Nick’s recent accident and nineteen year old daughter Brooke Hogan who is reportedly preparing to move out of the family’s Florida home.




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Only a week after the Hogans moved back to their Clearwater, Fla. home from Miami, Hulk Hogan’s son Nick Bollea, a budding race car driver, has been involved in a serious car accident. Two people were injured, one critically and the other seriously, when their yellow sports car careened out of control and hit a palm tree in Clearwater, Sunday evening. Paramedics and firefighters had to cut both occupants of the car from the wreckage. A preliminary investigation indicates the car was traveling at a high rate of speed.

These photos show Nick in happier times and also a yellow Lamborghini reportedly owned by Hulk Hogan which mysteriously caught fire in Miami on 9/9/06. At that time police said the driver was a juvenile and the law prohibited the release of his or her name. The police incident report is also seen here.

We at have photographed the Hogans many times and they are great people…..we wish them only the best at this terrible time.

Does Hogan Know Best?



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Has living in Miami been the start of a run of bad luck for the Hogans? After purchasing their 6 bedroom, 7 bathroom $12 million Miami Beach waterfront home in April of ’06, things seem to have gone from bad to worse for the “Hogan Knows Best” Reality Show Family.

In September 2006, not long after the whole family moved from their Clearwater home to Miami Beach, the youngest, Nick, reportedly blew up their yellow Lamborghini. It caught fire a few miles from their new home on Miami’s Bay Harbour Islands whilst he was driving it and was a complete write off. Luckily there were no injuries.

Next came the rumors that Linda and Hulk were having marital problems and even went as far as seeing a Miami Beach marriage counselor.

Most recently, yesterday, just as the family seemed to have pulled together and leave their Miami Beach home (and possibly make a wopping $6 million profit in less than 18 months – the house is currently for sale for $18 million), they are robbed of jewelry reportedly worth an estimated $100,000 whilst in the process of moving. Missing items include a diamond-encrusted watch and two gold chains.

Doesn’t look like they’ll be sorry to head north again back to their Clearwater home and leave the bad memories of South Beach behind.

Miami Too Hot For Hogans



Hulk Hogan is selling his Miami Beach waterfront mansion after buying it less than a year ago. The home is now listed for $18.9 million (it was bought for $12 million in April 2006). The Hogan family hope to make a tidy profit of $6.9 million. The sprawling 18,000 sq ft home has 11 bedrooms, 11.5 bathrooms, 5 car garage, dramatic floating entry over large scale water feature, cabana, pool, and a boat dock. The buyer needs to have a Hulk of a fortune as the estimated payments are
$100,000 a month!!

Holy Hogans!



Well there goes the hood when the Hogans come out to play, or film an episode of their show, that is.  Nick Hogan let’s just hope that’s not the way you handle real babies in life, doll!