Jennie Garth

Celebrities Stand Up To Cancer

Gwyneth Paltrow was amongst those at the star studded event yesterday to Stand Up to Cancer.

All donning t-shirts for the charity, the celebrities walked the red carpet ahead of their good deeds at the one-hour fundraising event which was simulcasted live.

Other big hearted celebs offering their time for the cause were Sofia Vergara, Tim McGraw, Alicia Keys, Minka Kelly, Jennie Garth and Chelsea Handler.

The live television special included performances and a live media bank with the celebrities answering calls and interacting with viewers through social media.The charity is working in the front lines against the battle against the disease in hopes of accelerating Cancer research, bringing teams of scientist together to harness their efforts and to get treatments to patients faster.

Learn more about the charity’s work HERE and how you can get involved.


I Heart Jennie Garth

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I love Jennie Garth, mostly because every time I see her I’m reminded of the 1990s. Damn, that was a good decade. The ’90s brought us things like Monica Lewinski, the Scream trilogy and Dawson’s Creek. Technically, I think Dawson’s might have gone into the new millenium, but whatev. It was still amazing.

Of course, Jennie was part of 90210, one of the greatest shows of all time. Well, at least I hear it was great…my parents would never let me watch it as a kid. Anyway, Jennie is in New York today as part of Fashion Week, and this is the picture that proves it.

Jennie’s Rock



Jennie Garth and her husband, Peter Facinelli enjoyed dinner at Koi last night in West Hollywood. Garth is paired with Derek Hough on the current season of “Dancing with the Stars.” It’s his first year serving as a professional partner on the ABC reality series.

Jennie says that her husband of six years is a “great dancer,” and that he’s not afraid to let Hough know it. “He’s meeting with my partner on the side and giving him his opinions on the choreography,” Garth said. “He goes out with us for dinner! He’s definitely 100% right there for me.”

Jennie Garth Brings Husband To Tears


Former 90210 hottie Jennie Garth, seen here with her husband leaving Koi in West Hollywood last night, is now strutting her sexy stuff on “Dancing With the Stars.” And she’s doing it so well that she brought her husband, Peter Facinelli, to tears, “…David Hasselhoff crocodile tears…” according to him. Jennie and the other female contestants Cha Cha’d their way to No. 1 in the ratings with over 21 million viewers on Monday night’s ladies’ night episode.

Monday night was ladies’ night on “Dancing With the Stars,” and the girls cha cha’d their way to No. 1 in the television ratings with over 21 million viewers.